Wolf Creek Eggs 'n Class

Wolf Creek Eggs ‘n Class

Trout Eggs in the one room classsroom in Wolf Creek.

The kids are watching the hatching process right in front of their eyes.

I think they may be baby fish right now.

Yep, baby Arlee Rainbows from the Jocko Hatchery. The Arlee is one of the more popular fish planted in Montana. The hatchery has been producing Arlee eggs for so long that the hatchery has produced a Rainbow that does not necessarily spawn in the spring. They can get eggs to pop a number of times during the year.

So,  as they watch nature occur before their eyes they learn about the movements of nature. I think. Or it just might encourage yet another few fisher people. Maybe two birds with one stone…

Wolf Creek Egss 'n Class

I’ll get the update on the health of these babies, this batch of Arlee eggs, and relay the success soon!



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