Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.21.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.21.15

Headhunters are out there and finding some good fish to cast to. Still a good rise not he Trico’s and with these warmer afternoons the fish will get right on a properly presented grasshopper as well.

We had really good success tossing a Purple Morrish at those generally finicky Pseudo rising trout. About half of them ate the bigger fly! Strange? Yes.

Fun? Yes.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.21.15

Nymphing is better deep in the am’s unless you just like not throwing the splitshot. Most are throwing the splitshot. A B will suffice most of the time unless you like to string a whole bunch of tiny ones across your leader.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.21.15Short leashing in the afternoons is the key to Pseudo success. We like a Purple Weight fly or a Czech or a Tunghead PT or a Worm or something like that. A Hare’s Ear? Yes, that would be clutch, specifically in the Canyon.

As I mentioned above the blind fishing with bigger floaty flies is pretty good. Don’t be afraid to tie up a blind fishing rod in the morning and keep it in your boat or at the ready in your tight fishing ride. You may need it. Employ it when ready.

How about a streamer rod as well. Not much success from the streamer gang as of late but that will pass abed the bite will come back. Overcast and shitty weather bring out not only the big boys but the stinky streamer anglers too. Those freestone river guides are about out of work so they will be making their annual migration up to the MO and they love chucking the big flies at those brown trout.

Womens spey clinic
Beth Langell hooked up on a Spey Rod

We have the best in streamer flies at the shop. We are bulking up on winter and fall SIMMS gear too. We also have the SAGE ONE Trout Spey rods for demo at the shop. Try the 2wt or the 3wt for your fall fishing funtime. We have the OPST lines in stock and the new heads too. You gotta come in and get some. Their running line is clutch too. We have a bundle, your Montana Trout Spey Specialists, of RIO Spey lines too. A wall full to get your Spey Rod tuned in right! Headed out on a fall Steelhead trip? Get all lined up at Headhunters Fly Shop before you leave.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.21.15 is all good. The sun bothers us but does not bother the fish much. In fact it only bothers us because we like fall and let’s leave that sun behind for awhile.

Book Fall Trips Today

Want to come out in October or November? Get on those bookings as we are about 2/3 capacity for the October time frame. Really good opportunities in the last week of October and it is historically a great one. Call today and our crack shop staff will get you hooked up with lodging and a guide if you so desire. We have rental boats from Adipose too.

It is only gonna get better as the fall comes into full colors. Where will you be? Here?

Flows are holding at 3900 cfs and the water temps have fallen below the 60F mark @ 59.5F. Those are  good trout temps!

Shop open daily 7am til 8pm for all your river needs.


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