Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.25.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.25.15

Fishing well into the last week of September. Warmer temperatures have made for sleeveless afternoons and decent action towards dark.

Could you fish from 4 til dark? Oh yeah. The small dry fly action late in the day is pretty good.

The entire river is fishing top to bottom with most all disciplines providing good results.

5 Rigging Techniques for September Success

Deep Nymphing. The high and bright sun can push those fish towards the darker bottom environs and one way to get them is to rig deep. A split shot along with about 5′ from bobber to fly can keep you on some fish. Find the deepest runs, like in the center, and fish it hard. The downside is that you can be dueling with the weeds all day long.

Dry-Dropper. Baby Chubby and a  small PT will do. A Parachute Adams representing a Callibaetis and a soft hackle. All good. What is your magic combo? Fish in skinny water for big brown trout. Good late in the day or early in the day for Trico feeders.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.25.15
Merganser Surfing the Missouri River

Hopper. These warmer days in late September will let the hoppers produce well. On any given day. You gotta throw it to know it. Why not toss the hopper after lunch. Put down the bobber rod and toss the dry fly. It’ll feel good.

Short Leashin’. Rig ’em short with Palsa Tabs in the 2′-3′ range. With a tungsten lead fly or not. Go super short and get all techy on their shit. So much fun for those who lie to throw the nymph but in dry fly like water. A good stepping stone for those moving from the security of the nymph into the unknown world of dry fly fishing. Do it. you might like it.

Streamer Searching. A fun time of the year to wear yourself out chucking and ducking all day long. Try that night float 4pm til dark. Could get a big one. Try the river after hours for those fish that the daytime anglers do not see. Try fishing the non-weed side for a lesser helping of weedy frustration.

The weather through the first part of the weekend is somewhat sunny and not too breezy. Then a change? Looks like Hi’s in the 60’s with some chance of showers.

This weekend enjoy the Missouri River without too much pressure and some damn good September trout fishing.

Shuttles, sale gear, new fall kick ass clothing, the spey stuff coming in, OPST, SAGE Trout Spey Rods, free coffee, cool Adipose rental boats, and the best in river info.

Have a great weekend in whatever pursuit you are involved in.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.25.15
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