Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.8.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.8.15

Still inside of the slower weeks here on the Mo. The 10th is the line that we will cross and the anglers will be back here in force.

Why? Historically the rest of the Montana rivers fish well the month of August and primarily the last couple weeks of that hot month. Then the holiday. The kids are headed back to school, the parents are resting for a spell, and that is the way it shakes out.

Then, the fisherman have had enough of the freestone game and the folks are rested and ready for action.

Nymphing is the general style for the month but as of late we have had pretty good Trico hatches on the upper river with a spinner fall to get quite a few fish up top. Pods? Yep, some. Flies to fool those finicky trout? Quig’s Cluster, CDC Cluster, Griffith’s Gnat, Double Wing Trico Spinner, and the always productive Adams in larger and smaller sizes.

The nymphing game is good too. This is the month we also switch over to the short leash. This shorter nymph rig is great for fishing the shallower waters of the late summer where the elodea weed has grown toward the surface making let’s say a 4′ water column now appear like it is only 2′. Hence the shorter distance from bobber to fly.

How do we do that? No split shot and a heavy, or not, top fly followed by a smaller, sometimes, bottom fly. Caddis pupa and a pheasant tail? Yes. Rainbow Czech Nymph and a Zebra? Yep. Weight Fly and a Little Green Machine. Sure! We love the smaller Strike Foundry Li’l Nugget or the more traditional Palsa Pinch On type indicators. But whatever bobber you can see is a good bobber for you!

Light traffic from the top to the bottom. It will increase as mentioned above but for the time being it is quiet. You may only see a few boats on your stretch or some days none. Start times for most guide trips is about 730-800 am. Letting the water warm a bit, your bones warm a bit allowing the coffee to penetrate not only those sore muscles but that dead brain.

Izaak’s is open nightly save for Monday with Joe”s Bar open daily at 8am. The Taco Bus is open most of the time, sort of. The Frenchman and Me up in Wolf Creek is open daily for all three meals. The Canyon Store in Wolf Creek also open daily 7am til 8pm. The Oasis in WC? Variable hours I think but open about noon and serving their last meal about 8ish.

We love the fall time frame with the fun folks, the shorter days, the cooler weather, and the good bite.

See us here in Craig daily at 7am. Shuttles, SALE items, flies, the best in river info, warm fly fishing gear for cold weather, TROUT SPEY RODS, and the most fly lines hanging on the wall of any shop in our region.

See ou on the porch warming our hands on the percolator…

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.8.15
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