Missouri River Montana Fishing Report July 17th 2014

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report July 17th 2014

Shop fly guru Ben McNinch with this healthy night time Brown Trout.

Awesome Ben. While we work most of the time we still find time to get out on our favorite dry fly fishing river in the world.

We are just lucky to live and work on this great fly fishing resource.

The dry fly month is here and will continue for another full month?

Trico’s every day. PMD’s most days. Caddis some days. Sally’s on the weekends.

The water temps spiked today as the sun is high. Air temps in the daytime vicinity of 90ishF. Will she move higher? Maybe. July is the hottest month of the year. August is cooler.

The weeds are not here yet but we may see them in August. Honest.

Fly flicking dries all day long on the Mighty Mo. We got ’em for the next 6 weeks.

Want to book a late July guide trip along with lodging here in downtown Craig Montana? We have avail. for the next 6 weeks. September and October too. Not too early to get your name on the books for the late season dry fly love. We’ll host you here at Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service.

If we don’t see you soon, we’ll see you in the fall.

Plan today for your future trip. Do it.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report July 17th 2014
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