Missouri River Montana Flag Day Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Flag Day Fishing Report

Summertime here on the Mighty Missouri River. We are pretty happy with the fishing right now. Summertime on the Mo.

Flows are gonna drop. Looks like the water managers will have to pull the water lower to 3210 cfs tomorrow. That is low folks. Lowest in about 15 years.

Water temps while a bit higher than we prefer leading up to today they have really stabilized in the mid 50’s. Trout love the water temp range of 53F-57F. Currently 56F. Will todays weather with air temps reaching towards the century mark be too much? Hope not. We do see more seasonal temperatures as we move through the week with the mid 70’s as we brush up next to the weekend.

The west side rivers will be coming into shape so the add’l traffic will subside. But on the weekends with the splash and giggle will add to the fun!

Dry fly report includes both caddis and PMD’s. Lots of reports about lots of PMD’s not he water and catching them on the caddis. The Corn Fed is always popular and this year is no different. CDC Caddis, not a specific pattern, more the way the flies with CDC sit in the water, have always been great here on this summer dry fly tailwater. We love CDC flies.

PMD cripples, emergers, and spinners. That is the deal for the PMD. Sometimes duns, and early on in the hatch, a couple days ago, we did see some fish moving on the dun. In fact it really has been a number of years, like the last time that the water was this low for the summer months, certainly heading into the headhunting season. I think either ’07 or ’06. I do remember a fantastic PMD year in 2000, and 1999 where the fish really did focus on the duns for a large part of the hatch.

The nymphers are finding the fish in quicker waters including the medium speed inside out inside type water. If you can find some deep stuff fish it too. Caddis pupa, worms, small PMD patterns including the long time fav’s Split Case PMD, S & M, Little Black Mo, Peep Show, Purple weight Fly, Sows, black fly larvae, Zirdles, rubblerlegs…

Swingers? Swinging the PMD and the caddis. Oh man. Good times. Both single and double handers are around. I love to swing up a few this time of year with my single hander. A good time to improve your soft hackle game. And a lost art for themes part.

Strippers? Yep. Good results still from the streamer gang. High and bright, getting it done. Flashy too is the theme foe the patterns.

Lots of anglers and folks on the weekends. Fewer during the week. It is busy here on the Mo. It is peak season. IF you like solace, try coming later, like December. If you like dry fly fishing around others, you will be OK.

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