Missouri River Montnaa Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.8.14

Spring is here. What? Yep. The 2nd day over 60F today and we are nothing but excited.

And warmer.

Get out your tube of sunscreen and apply liberally. Warmer tomorrow for sure.




The weather will be great all week with air temps over 60F. We dig it. Maybe it truly is time to crawl from your winter cave and wet a line.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Nymphing is really good. But not for all. Those squirrelly trout can be tough to locate some days. Try and try and try again.

Adjust something if you cannot get them. There are only 3 things you can control while nymph fishing.

  • The drift. Mend, mend up, mend down, mend across…do something to keep the drift rolling along as long as possible. You can’t get ‘er done without participation in your drift. Your float. It is you who dictates the drift. Be involved. If you do not know how to do it, learn. It is an, the most, important part of the equation. If it is not presented properly the fish will shy away from your shit.
  • The depth. Split shot can get you there. Add more, add less, spread it out, concentrate it in one spot. Add a weighted fly, or flies. Be in control of your sink rate. Drop them, the rig, in the water and watch it sink. If it gets there fast, that is gooood! And for those who think nymphing is tying a 12″ dropper from your dry fly you my be fooling yourselves. While that works, it is surely not getting to the fish harbored on the bottom of the Missouri River. Those in the know have several sizes of split and use them often. Be adaptive and involved in your depth selection!
  • The fly. The fly pattern can be important. If the one, or ones you are tossing/sinking do not get bit, then change. Give them a chance though. Whatever that length of time may be is up to you. I would guess an hour without a take may be long enough. Many, some will change before that juncture. Pink is still the word. Grey, tan, reddish, pinkish, orange-ish seem to be flavors in the mix. Some purple too? Change it up when no action is the rule. You want action, get some!

Missouri River Stats

Flows are flat level at 6460cfs. The water is a touch turbid. That means there is a little color in it. Not dirty by any means, but greener than normal. Actually quite normal in the spring as the lake(s) above us are in a state of change. The ice is coming off. And certainly more will disappear this week with the warmer daytime temperatures.

The water temps are rising slowly. Maybe a bit more this week with the aforementioned sun penetration. 38.5F this morning. We are looking forward tipping over the 40F mark. Soon, oh so soon. Then we get that olive flavored insect we love so very much.

And sun this week. We got that too.

Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service

Check out the fantastic short by Scumliner Media here on this very Fly Fishing Blog Super-site. FISHSKI is the name. Fishing and Skiing is our game! It is really a fun video.

Speaking of videos, we are filming with the New Fly Fisher this week. We will let you know when this TV show will air. January 2015 is the word.

We are just coming off a big weekend with our anniversary, OGR14 in Zootown and here in Craig, along with a bundle of HH Guides out on the water. We are in full swing with the Spring Special. Cheap lodging @ Craig Trout Camp and a few other properties on the Missouri River in conjunction with $300 Headhunters Guide Trips. Fun times in your favorite fishing ‘burb in central Montana.

If you have not fished the Missouri this year, or ever…then maybe this is your year. We’d love to host you on this Blue Ribbon fishery.

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service open daily @ 8am. We are open late if you feel the need or overwhelming desire to fish after work or book your tip while in you living room, in your slippers, dreaming of the Mighty Mo and the un-real Trico Spinner Falls in late July!

Shuttles daily, guides available, rental Adipose Drift Boats, any lodging needs, demo rods, flies, info, sunscreen, BUFF’s, or a shoulder to cry on. We got your back.


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