Missouri RIver Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.9.14

The sun has come. But rain today and 61F.

The bite is on with good reports of nymphing and some highlights of Skwala action. The Skwala action is not red, or even white hot but a few have been fooled below Craig.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Nymph Flies that are red hot, or Pink Hot include FB Sows, FB Rays, Soft Hackle Rays, Caviar Scud, Hot Beaded Softies, Rainbow Czech’s, Amex, Pink Lightening Bugs, Zebra’s, Purple Lightening Bugs, Rainbow Warriors, PT’s, Worms in all flavors, Skwala Nymphs, Rubberlegs…

Rigs that many guides and anglers are fishing run something like 6’+ from bobber to split, a couple spring favorite flies strung on below the split. Add more split if you need to get further down, but a size B should suffice. Add a touch more like a 4 or 6 if you need that extra horsepower. Moving the indicator will help too. Be in tune with your rig and if you are not hanging them as often as you think you should, change.

Streamer dudes are getting a few. The bite is not all that great for all the anglers. Reports of slow to non-existent streamer fishing are heard at the bar. But today is Wednesday and things could change for the better. IT is the latter part of the week. See you with sink tips and Poly Sinking leaders attached tossing long sloppy streamer casts here on the Mo soon! Book your lodging today for a place to rest your weary casting arms.

Headhunters carries a wide variety of Streamer lines. Why not get the right tool for your kick ass streamer rod this spring. Stop in and give the crack HH staff a heads up on how you roll. They can accommodate your fetish. Or at least point you in the right direction.

Skwala fishing on the Missouri River? Yes. While we do not have the numbers that some west side river have as far as the olive big bugs go, we do have enough to get the trout wound up and excited about this spring stonefly. Some are tossing them daily. We got the patterns that our trout love inside the warm confines of the HH HQ. Yes, in downtown Craig. Ninch has stocked the right stones for your dry fly pleasures. I hear purple is the new pink? What does that even mean?

Flows are stable at 6460cfs. Stable and flat for over a week. More info coming at you Saturday as we attend the Missouri River Advisory Committee meeting in Helena. More then.

Water temps are rising with the advent of Spring Air Temps! We are currently at 39.5F and we may touch the hallowed 40F today. Or tomorrow. What will happen then? Goodness is the answer. Greatness? Not til 42F.

Missouri River Montana Fishiing Report
Rising temps make us smile!

Check us out if you need any lodging or guiding service this month or any month ahead of us. We got all you need, well most, for your Missouri River trip. Just need info about hatches and such? We love to talk trout. Shop open daily @ 8am with shuttles, flies, info, warm hats, gloves, sunscreen, fly poles, and all the terminal tackle you can shake your fly stick at.


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