Top 10 Missouri River November Flies

Missouri River Montana November 2nd Fishing Report

Mark fishing with Zack Dalton on the annual RIO Products trip to the Mo last month. A fall day helped on this specific day. Zack claims that they will be moving the trip to November this coming year. Why? November is way more fall like. Overcast skies, more BWO’s, very few people.

Sound reasoning.

November is a good m0nth as we have entered the off season. Still lots happening so don’t get us confused with those trout fly shops that go to bed for 5 months. We have 5 months of Swing Season ahead. We have another month of good to great dry fly fishing staring us in the face. We are just about to settle in to our long winter run.

It’s really more like a slow walk. Just like the old bull young bull parable.

Some are nymphing out there but most are tossing the streamer until the dry flies present themselves. You could hunt for heads most of the day. But you do not have to go out all that early. At least I wouldn’t. Wait til 11 o’clock, which is the old before daylight savings switch deal 10 am. Make sense?

Top 10 Missouri River November FliesThe dry fly bite is good enough. The wind has been blowing like a nasty bitch leaving many of the bugs up in the air soon after they emerge into our atmosphere. The wind dries off those BWO wings too fast for trout to get all that interested. We like the cold, damp, cam, and dark days. We do pray for them.

As mentioned previously the month is quiet. We like it. Call the shop for an up to the minute report. Open daily at 8am. Running late til 6pm. We have all the new 2 handed Trout Spey goodies on the shelf including the shit hot trout spey flies in the bins. Rods, lines, tips, leaders, flies and all the info you need to make your Trout Spey Day a success. Rods from Sage, Echo, Loomis, Orvis and more.


Tease: Some new, yet classic, glass rods coming soon. Sure to pull at your reminiscent heart.

Missouri River Montana November 2nd Fishing Report
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Top 10 Missouri River November Flies
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