Top 10 Missouri River November Flies

Top 10 Missouri River November Flies

Top 10 Missouri River November Flies

These will get you through the front end of the month. Plus your fall favorites too. Bring it all when you visit the Mo this coming week or two.

In your boat should be a quiver of fly rods. Or just your favorite will suffice. Like your new Sage PULSE, the everything fly rod. In a perfect world you may have a streamer rod, a two-hander, a nymph rod, and a kick ass dry fly rod. Just bring them all.

Rig the dry fly rod with a Nymen’s BWO Cripple. Rig the streamer rod with your favorite fall killer, like a Olive Bugger. Rig your nymph rod with a Rainbow Czech Nymph and a Little Green Machine. Done and done and done.

Flies that we love for the next week or two include…

The flies are (L to R, T to B):
Nymen’s DOA Cripple BWO
Harrop’s Captive Dun BWO
Quigley’s 1/2 Dun BWO
Schmidt’s UV2 Bugger Olive
Mozuri Minnow
Tungsten Zebra Midge Murdered Out
Little Green Machine
Allen’s Holla-Back Girl Pink
Rainbow Czech Nymph

Top 10 Missouri River November Flies
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  • 2 out of ten ain’t bad. No fisherman in their right mind would use those puny flies in November. 🙂

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