A second look at the SAGE Pulse

Second look at the SAGE Pulse

The Second look at the SAGE Pulse. One of the newest SAGE fly rods to come out the Autumn of ’15.

At Headhunters Fly Shop and across the industry this rod has come out of the gate strong.

Well received this easy caster and understandably efficient fish fighter is a great rod for the Missouri River. On a river where we can all agree that the proper fishing behaviors should result in actually catching the fish the SAGE Pulse is the All Around Winner.

A number of rods have found their way out the front door and the clear HH Staff Choice coming into the fall leads us to believe that the Pulse may be around for awhile. And why not.

SAGE Pulse
Great for dries, nymphs or streamers!

The buzz around this rod starts with the easy feel in hand. It just feels right, right out of the tube. The second thing you notice is the ease of casting. Made of legendary Graphite IIIe the SAGE Pulse feels like it was made for your casting stroke. Yes, designed specifically for you.

I know that is a reach but the forgiving nature of the Pulse allows you to become intimate with this rod immediately. The third reason the Pulse is becoming a fan favorite is the number of fly lines that it will accommodate. The RIO Gold, Perception, and Grand all match up well with this rod. The RIO LT while not for everyone is a neat line to for the lighter rod wts. like the 3 and 4wts.

The SAGE Pulse is not one of those rods made for one narrowly defined fly fishing task. There are rods that are great for the streamer junkie and rods that are fantastic for the dry fly angler. There are even rods made with only the nympher in mind. But it has become a rare occasion when a rod is introduced that is comfortable achieving all 3 fly fishing disciples.

Introducing the SAGE Pulse. A fly rod that solves many of the fly fishing mysteries.

Feel connected with the Pulse in your hand. The 5 and 6 wts. for fishing the Missouri River are perfect. Whichever discipline whether it be nymphing, dry fly fishing, or stripping streamers you will not be under tooled.

Second Look at the SAGE Pulse
A good bend in the Pulse with a Missouri River dry fly fish

The RIO Xtreme Indicator line turns the Pulse into a nymphing super rod. Easy casting and effortless mending ability you will be pleased with the effectiveness of the SAGE Pulse. The RIO InTouch Gold will make precise tight-looped casts to our often finicky Missouri River sipping Brown Trout. Put a spool of the RIO Grand through the guides and you have a hopper tosser that will rival any more expensive rod. Then turn around and fix up a double articulated streamer and go to work son.

Is the SAGE Pulse for you? Only you can make that decision. If you think you may be interested stop by the shop to demo either the 5 or 6 weight or both!

John Arnold once said in reference to Spey Rods that he used to carry several rods to the river…then he realized that he oughtta just carry one workhorse spey rod. You could say the same for the SAGE Pulse. Why carry a quiver of fly rods when you can carry only one. The SAGE Pulse is the hidden jewel of the current SAGE rod line.

I believe that this would make a great first rod for any angler. Certainly one that wants to enjoy the fly fishing game. A do all end all be all fly rod for those who want a rod that does it all. A fly rod that you will make memories with. A rod that will stand the test of time. It just feels right.

I also have always said one of the Missouri River assets is that it is a fishery for all skill sets. Whether you are a first time angler or one of those fella’s who fishes 100+ days/year…the Mo has challenges for all who attend. The Pulse matches up perfectly alongside this statement. A rod for all situations and experience levels.

Coming in at an-uncommon price point of $450 the Pulse will not break the bank. Match it up with a cool fly reel and the RIO line of your choice and you are off to the river. Stop in and try the SAGE Pulse when in Craig.


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