Fall has arrived!

Raining and cold this morning. 37F and calm.

As you know the weather tat we are looking for includes moisture, calm w/o wind and overcast.

That is today. And that is the rest of the week. Perfect.

Smiles on the few anglers that are currently residing in Craig. Smiles on the faces of trout too.

The bugs should come. There have been more and more BWO’s on the surface and today there may be more.

The true dry fly bite should stick around for awhile.

Get out your dry fly boxes and keep them close.

For those who like to toss the streamer this is good news as well.

Not much more to say on this subject really. I have said it all before. If you live locally you may be coming down with the flu. I know I am! The BWO Flu. It is common this time of year.

Gone are the high and bright sunny skies. Grey is the color of choice for us.

Good rain gear and warm clothing should be on your person with a couple bottles of GINK and Frog’s Fanny.

Not many guide trips out and not many other boats too. This is the quiet time on the Mo and you can take advantage of it if you so desire.

Fall has arrived and we could not be more happy.

Stop in for a vast selection of BWO’s, short leash nymphs, and the best in streamer flies on the river.

Why not get a new fly line for you dry fly habit. Slippery and slick and able to shoot to that long target.

Swing Season has arrived as well. Swingers Unite. Lots of interest and questions about how to target those big Rainbows on the swing. We have all of the tools for your Swing Game. Stop in for info, rigging techniques, and swinging flies.

Open daily at 7am for any Missouri River needs. Headhunters your Craig Montana fly shop.


Fall has arrived!
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  • Tuhin Bhowmik
    October 27, 2015 3:26 pm

    I was at Wolf Creek last weekend and saw fish jumps all over . But neither fly fishermen or bait fishermen like us had any luck. I saw (if I believe which is really may not be true) a giant steelhead or may be a rainbow in one of the offshoots from the spillway under the dam .

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