Missouri River Mothers Day Fishing Report

Missouri River Mothers Day Fishing Report 5.11.14

Missouri River Mothers Day Fishing Report from the headquarters of fishing madness near the shores of Montana’s Missouri River.

Fishing is good. The flows are moving upwards to alleviate the traditionally higher flows of late May and June. Will we see higher flows in June? It’s looking like we may. How high? Not that high.

Although Canyon Ferry Lake is still at the 70% full range we have endured some cooler spring temps and the upper level snow is staying put. The water managers have been able to quell the fire, will they be able to reduce the impact in June? You will just have to follow along with us in this annual process. We still think it will be just fine.

The weather yesterday wa supposed to be nasty. It was not. Will the weatherman be wrong again? How could he…

Missouri River Mothers Day Fishing Report

Nymphing continues to be the most common method withe the dry fly coming on strong. Sort of.

With the flows in the 9K mark and the water temps in the hi 40’s we are seeing active fish jumping and running hard. Most are running a rig that is over 10′ in length. Most. Some are shorter.

The hot flies include anything from the Czech family, grey and tan scuds of all shapes and sizes, Ray Charles beaded or not, Sili Scuds, Spicy Scuds, Rainbow Warriors, BWO Bubblebacks, Hot Spot PT’s, Peep Shows, Frenchie’s, Little Geen Machine’s, Micro-Mays, Red Headed Step Children, Indigo Child, Angel Hair PT’s, Tungsten PT’s, Hare’s Ears for the March Brown and some others too, and a pile of midge patterns.

We got midges. Lots.

Streamer fans are still chucking and ducking with heavy Versi Tips and sink tips. White, shiny brown, black, yellow, and olive. That is the order of the flies going out of the shop. We got the knowledge and the staff to help you improve your streamer game. Come on in and let’s chat.

The dry fly bite is OK. March Browns, BWO’s, and Midges coming off daily. You want to dry fly fish? Then go do it. The folks who have the most opportunities to catch fish on dry flies are those who focus on catching fish on the dry fly. Those you like to nymph, then look, then fool around, the nymph, then toss a streamer…those folks do not capitalize often. Just sayin.’

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers. Hooray. Have you husband, kids, or somebody row you around the river today. If not, have them do all those dishes, or clean their room, or pick up anything off of the floor. It is your day and let’s hope you get dinner for free. Order a bottle of Champagne too. You Deserve it!

Will the weather cooperate this coming week?


The tribs are still falling and clear. Most non Mo River anglers think that since the rest of the river in the state are blown, that our tribs would be too. Incorrect. Our tribs our clear and clean. And falling.

Missouri River Mothers Day Fishing Report


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  • successful day on the river today (May 10th)-dry fly action, streamer and nymph-all working well-switched between them all with equal success-for the dry fly, gotta have the reach cast in the arsenal and keep the fly inches off of the grass-just sayin’.

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