Missouri RIver Summer 2014

Missouri River Summer 2014 | 10 Things you should know

The summer will be upon us sooner than we would like to think.

The winter can move very slowly, the spring somewhat quicker.

We are winter fishing here on the Missouri, as we do all year, and our mind can be numbed by the bitter cold temps, winter winds, and short days.

Let me remind you folks of 1o items that you should know for the near future.

Missouri River Summer 2014

Late June & July are the busiest periods of the year. While many love the dry fly fishing all day long if you do not like competition and fishing around other anglers this may not be the right time for you. It is damn good dry fly fishing. The peak of the peak. And so the crowds. Our busiest time of the year.

The Headhunters Staff loves May! The beginning of the caddis, the BWO’s are around in force, March Browns, the midge hatches…far fewer anglers than the months following. The lower river is on fire, blind fishing is good, and all 3 disciplines fish quite well!

Streamer fishing is better in the spring. John has always been a big fan of the spring months for bigger fish on streamer patterns. Many seem to believe that the fall, during the brown trout spawn, that the fishing is better. I disagree as well. The brown trout are out in force in the spring, when the water temps are improving, the browns are eating baby rainbow by the gullet full, and most of  those silly rainbows of spawning maturity are out of the river.

The Missouri River is not the best Hopper river in the state. It is mediocre. But, the Mo is a damn good terrestrial river. While the Missouri River trout do not get fat on Hoppers, they do consume literally tons of ants, flying ants, beetles, ladybugs, snails, two winged flies, spiders, and the like.

Craiglodging.com along with CraigTroutCamp.com are your first stop for lodging on the Missouri River. Check them for information about river and Craig accommodations. Keep in mind that 2 person places go first. January is a month that you need to book your lodging for anytime before August. February is month that may be too late for peak season lodging options.

PMD’s begin in mid-June running through early August. Caddis hatch May through August. Trico’s July and August. Those are the high dollar hatches. Missouri River Dry Fly fishing is why many fish here. Mid-June through mid-August are the primary dry fly times. You can expect to fish dries most of the day during this 2 month period.

It’s never too early to start thinking about October. Squeeky’s favorite month for fewer crowds, great BWO hatches, and fall colors. Lodging is open, guides are open…just waiting for you to pull the trigger. Add this trip to your spring or summer venture. Alaska too expensive this year? Just come to the Missouri River twice this year.

Add a rental boat to your game plan this year. Get a guide for a couple days, wade fish a few, and rent a boat too. Why not. A fun way to explore, and have your cooler near you all day long. We put the boat in, move your vehicle, and retrieve the boat at the end of your float. Might be fun and a Missouri River change of pace.

Demo some fly rods this trip. A great way to really try out a SAGE Method vs. Orvis Helios 2. Always wanted to try a Bamboo Rod? We got those too. 2 Handed trout theory? Try one or two of our Switch Rods. Bring your rods too for a real match-up! Just stop in during your trip and we’ll help you along your demo path.

Don’t let another year go by before making a trip to the famed Missouri River. Your friends have suggested it, your neighbors continue to do it…now it is your turn to DO IT. Call today and converse with our world class staff abut a world class fly fishing trip to the river of your dreams. Montana’s Missouri River.

Watch this very fly fishing blog site for continual updates, Missouri River fly fishing updates, mild entertainment, some general harassment…from the best place on this trout filled fly fishing planet.

The shop is open daily for any questions you may have, further hatch speculation, guide and lodging bookings, or if you want to just BS about the Missouri River.

Operators standing by 8-5 daily. 406-235-3447



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