Missouri River Summer Weekend Outlook

Missouri River Summer Weekend Outlook

Gonna be real busy here this weekend if last night was any indication of the near future. Streets of downtown Craig Montana clogged with RV’s, drift boats, aimlessly wandering fly fishing vagabonds, locals, non-locals, those just bellying up to Joe’s Bar for a quick one, or a full shift.

Expect it to be packed this weekend so I suggest you take on one of the two lesser travelled shifts. Early and late. During the middle of the day it will be a junk show. Pressure for sure.

The good news is the fishing is white hot. Very good dry fly fishing mid day along with strong deep nymphing in the am and set it short for the afternoon and evening session.

Put in or take out at the lesser trafficked boat ramps. Wade fish moving up river as the boats move downriver. Pack your lunch and sit it out if you are inundated by others.

PMD lovers getting it done with the regular June fare. Cripples and spinners. Some getting results with low riding caddis patterns. Micro attractors? Yep.

Bad drifts? Nope.

PMD nymphs are big right now. Try the tried and true or go off the beaten path with Frenchie’s, Sawyer PT’s, Bird’s Nest, GRHE, or ask 7wt or anyone at the shop to suggest a few patterns that nobody looks at. If you want the unheard of batch.

PMD’s pushing into our atmosphere at 930ish. Full on hatch at 10am. Caddis apparent in the morning as well. At daybreak some o them are moving around. Skittering, dead on the water…fish it blind for early day success. Ants? yes indeed.

Flows? Currently at the 7780cfs mark. Will we see lower flows soon? Yes, but when? I don’t know. This is a fine flow right now. Lots of fish rising, and good habitat fro them! Not too wadeable though. That is around the corner. We always keep you up to date here on this daily blog, and our Facebook page when we get the info. You are the first to know.

Call for any additional questions or stop in the shop for flies, shuttles, demo rods, rental boats, and just plain hilarity. We got it all in Craig.

Open daily before 7am. Open late til at least 9pm. Your full service fly shop on the Mo!


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