Missouri River Swing Report

Missouri River Swing Report

Missouri River Swing Report

While the wind blew snow around yesterday and it truly felt and looked like it may have been blowing 100mph, I know it wasn’t really.

Just like saying you caught 100 fish, we know it felt like you did.

It’s OK. You don’t have to lie to make friends. We love all of you.

We have some milder weather on the way this week. Meaning daily air temps in the mid to high 20’s. And that means we have anglers on the water.

Saturday was quite nice on the Mo, the best in weeks. Several anglers were out drifting, fishing, swinging. Guide Stephen Caldwell was out there prepping for the year finding the nymphing lanes, fishing with friends, and enjoying the Missouri River winter.

Missouri River Swing ReportGuide Shane Wilson was out swinging and finding some fish. He had to get out of the house. Said he was feeling “ansty”. I hear you Shane. A long winter here on the river in central Montana.

Friend of the shop Jim was out swinging too. He landed several nice trout. Jim said three got out of the water and were pulling quite hard. All of the fish that bit the fly did so with authority. No nibbling! Thanks for the update Jim. Leeches he said. They liked the leech!

I will be heading out this week with Shane, and whoever else may be standing around. We may be out later this week with Justin of Adipose christening the new South Fork Skiff! Of course media to follow if that goes down. I have seen it. I have touched it. And maybe this week I will be floating down the Mo in it! Many years in the making, the re-introduction of the cult classic South Fork Skiff.

So the swinging report is good. The nymphing is good. Water temps in the mid 34F range. Cold. Things really get going when it climbs above 36F. When will that happen? You, who knows this winter. We will certainly see much more winter before this one is in the books!

Missouri River Swing Report

Happy Monday to all of you in Troutland. February is nearing the end, finally. March is on our doorstep. Spring is around the corner. Hooray!

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