Missouri River Swing Season Fishing Report

Missouri River Swing Season Fishing Report

Today we bring your the Missouri River Swing Season Fishing Report.

You know the nymphing is good. It is November and the river is quiet.

You know the dry fly fishing in not too good. It is November and the bugs are scarce.

But did you know that the streamer fishing has been consistent and some days even pretty good?

Missouri River Swing Season Fishing Report

  • Fishing with the two handed rod has been pretty strong. Not 20 fish days, but that is not the object or goal of swinging a fly through a run. No. The goal is to slow your heart rate down to a tolerable pace ad hook a few wild trout in the process.

It is the journey, not the destination.

  • Some crazy angler must have said that at some point. Sounds like a fisherman to me…rambling on, speaking nonsense, babbling about heads, tips, Starling feathers.
  • Hooking a few on Skiddish, Mozzuri Minnows, smaller flies like Micro Zonkers, baby buggers, leeches, soft hackles, Clous-A-Bous. Your choice really.
  • Make sure you are at a depth you are comfortable with. A depth that you feel the trout are. The great part about spey ones is they can accommodate any number of different tips. Floating, intermediate, type 3, T-11 and up. Sound confusing? It’s not. Need some hints and tips about sinking leaders, tips and the like? Come into the sotre and we can help clear up some of the confusion.
  • Mostly inside bends at this point. That is where you would want to swing. But still some action int he quicker water too. The water temps are still in the 40’s and will be for another week or so. Maybe longer. so stay on the soft inside shoals. Lots of room for the swinging fly in that zone.
  • Lots of room on the Mighty Mo’ during this winter period. Find a run with nobody around. Perfectly quiet.
  • The entire river is still fishing. Some folks fishing all the way to Pelican with an occasional boat still drifting to Cascade. May find some bugs on the lower reach too.
  • No need to get out early. Noon to dark is a good bet.

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Missouri River Swing Season Fishing Report
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