Missouri River Tax Day Fishing Report

Missouri River Tax Day Fishing Report

Missouri River Tax Day Fishing Report

Mid April and today we bring you the Missouri River Tax Day Fishing Report.

The water is rising per the predictions and statements of Stephanie Micek of the DNRC. More rain, snow, precip means higher water. But, it is not high water. High water for us 25K cfs. And we are not there yet. 5K does not scare us or upset us. It makes most of the old timers, and some of the younger set, quite happy. The slows that many like is between 5K and 6K. A good dry fly volume.

Missouri River Tax Day Fishing ReportWhy? Because there is more dry fly depth water. Fish like to rise in 18″-36″ of water. When the flows are below 4K the dry fly flats are awful skinny. Put some more water on there and like magic…fish rise.

But, it is not quite that easy. The right weather conditions, sans sun, and wind direction and speed get a seat at the table too.

Overcast, calm, 45F, moisture in the air, and an insect explosion make trout smile. And hungry.

Is that what we have on tap for weather this week? Yep. Light winds, overcast skies, some sun, and mild seasonal temperatures. You should come on out. Or if you are coming, it could be good.

Or not.

Just a prediction from a fly fishing blogger. About as accurate as your mom’s Final Four Prediction. Gonzaga. Nope.

Nymph flies for the week? PINK is certainly in style. Not going away yet. Bubble Yum by Ninch, Firebeads galore, sows of course, czechs of all flavors, and now more consistent BWO results. Midges too. Don’t go out there without a selection of Zebra’s at the very least.

Streamers? Fruit Roll-Up Purple Haze, Hot Eye Kreelex, Foxee Minnow, Lil Kim, Thin Mint, Black Bugger, Jigger Buggers, Fruit Roll-Up Olive, Stay Hungry Streamer, Skiddish Smolt original, some call it the Tin Man, Sparkle Minnow, small Clousers. Come by for the best streamer selection in the canyon. And our staff is out tugging buggers daily. They got the latest info!

Dry Fly Fellows?  Some in soft water insides after lunch. While the midge get rolling quite early in the day we have not seen lots of mooring ops for the dry fly angler. Will it happen? Maybe. Look for them as we move deeper into April. Baetis out in well after lunch towards dinner time some days.

So the flies man, tell me! Still getting it done with attractor style midges and BWO’s. Clusters, singles, Gnats, Buzzballs, Adams, Quigley flies for both the baetis and chironomid surface bugs. Something you can see up top and a smaller no-see-um emerger or cripple trailing will be just fine.

Missouri River Tax Day Fishing ReportWater temps bouncing. As I mentioned up top we will have some water movement this morning to about 5900-ish cfs. So it is happening. Spring time is here.

Canyon folks are getting it done consistently. Upper river, still some running scared. Lower? Not a strong bet yet. Until it is. Cryptic? No, just short. Concise some might say.

This daily occasional fly fishing blog and transparent fishing report courtesy of the fine folks at Headhunters Fly Shop. Not the oldest fly shop, just the funnest.

Izaak’s open daily at 4pm for cocktails and 5pm for dinner til about 9pm. Not a late show yet. As the weather warms into June you will see Chef John adjust the hours. Until then make sure you arrive before 9pm. Oasis in WC open Thursday thru Monday nights too. Call up there for current hours. Joe’s Bar? Daily 8am-2am. Papa’s open sometimes. Not consistent hours yet. We will inquire.

Open daily 7am. Late for the Izaak’s wanderers or those in need a new fly line. Or some honest river info. Or just how to double rig your streamer rod with swivels or tippet rings…we will show you what we know. Stop in for free hot perked coffee on your next Missouri River Mission!

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