Missouri River Trico's

Missouri River Trico’s

Great Trico hatches on the Mo daily. The Trico’s came on time while the caddis are behind schedule.

Top to bottom you can find your favorite white winged black friends coming off in the morning and the spinner fall to follow.

What should you throw? All of them. Or your favorite.

Squeeky’s Trico box is below with the Trico love he feels.

Missouri River Trico's
Squeeky’s Trico Box

Top Row L-R: Quigley’s Cluster, Micro Para’s, Griffith’s Gnats, Double Posted Cluster Midges

2nd Row L-R: Random Para’s, CDC Trico Emergers, CDC Clusters, Matt’s Hi-Viz Midge, Pearl Hot Top GTrico, Quig’s Cluster

3rd Row L-R: Off Color Buzzball, , Harrop’s Posted Trico Spinner, CDC Trico Duns, Random Spinners, Double Wing Trico Spinners, Orange flavored Buzzballs

4th Row L-R: H & L variants, Royal Wulff’s, Harrops Hi-Viz CDC Trico Spinners, Mark’s CDC Griffith’s Cluster, Sparkle Wing Trico RS2, Glass Beaded Sunken Trico

Missouri River Trico's
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  • after years of rowing down the MO listening to the constant squeak of our oar locks and the ugly looks and comments from fellow rowers. capt. DenBob may have discovered a cure. He sprayed everything with armoral. no squeaks, no mess, no rude comments. one dose lasted all week. we were even able to finally creep up on a pod . maybe now his 10,000 trico box will be used.

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