Missouri River Winter Fishing Report

Missouri River Winter Fishing Report 12.19.13

Nearing the shortest day of the year and the the river is fishing, looking, and feeling like it is in some sort of winte rhibernation.

Not for long, we hope.

The Winter Solstice will come and go and the days will be getting longer again. Hooray!

There are slushy icebergs in the river right now. Lower. Not at the dam. You can fish in behind the dam everyday of the year.

Missouri River Winter Fishing Report

Pink is the word for flies. Pink Lightening Bugs, Pink Scuds, Amex, Pink Beaded frogs legs, pink frosted Christmas trees, pink is the word. And Firebeads of course. Worms, midge pupas of all sizes and flavors too.

Soft stripped streamers or dead drifted will work too. Neutral colored flies or some flash. Leeches always work well in the winter too. Come in for an up to date streamer, nymph or dry fly suggestion.

For winter fishing we got lots of demo rods for you to try., A good time to take it out and focus on the rod, not on all those pesky rising trout. For there are not many rising fish during the deep freeze periods.

Leader selection for the winter is something to delve into as well. We have a bundle of nymph leaders and two handed specialty dry and sinking leaders for any occasion. The top shelf Headhunters staffers will lead you in the right direction. Give them a try…

Water temperatures are in the tank at 35F. Damn cold. Flows, along with the ice chunks and slush are in the 3200cfs range. The chart goes goofy at this time of year with lower water temps and things freezing, snowing, blowing.

You can still give us a call or look online for FREE SHIPPING on all your Christmas purchases. We can still get a cool Headhunters Logo’d Thermos in the mail, a fly line, or a warm winter turtleneck or layering piece for winter and spring fishing comfort. Our crack shipping department will get it out today!

Shop open daily for anything you may need for wintertime fishing excursions. 8-5 with coffee and a warm heater.





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