Mo River Eats Missouri River Lunches

Mo River Eats Missouri River Lunches

Mo River Eats Missouri River Lunches

Kelli has been doing a great job for us here at Headhunters for several years and she will do a great job for you too.

If you are traveling this summer to the Mo and end boat lunches for the day, or are wade fishing and want to pack along a great lunch, call Kelli!

Need river lunches? Traveling to the Missouri for the week, the weekend, the day. Give Kelli a shout @ Mo River Eats. 

Check out the menu below. We really enjoy the convenience as well as the pricing. Thanks Kelli! We love our lunches!

P.S. Kelli bakes the best damn cookies on the planet. No kidding.

Mo River Lunch Eats

Available for Call Ahead Only. 406-217-2321. Orders need to be placed by 9pm the night before.

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  • The best lunches around🍪🥪

  • Red Boat Mark
    May 17, 2023 8:56 pm

    So good, so easy, pick it up and get your shuttle and some flies. We look forward to her lunches as much as the fishing anymore.

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