Moller SkyCar. Why not a SkyBoat?

3 SkyCars to choose from!
3 SkyCars to choose from!

The Moller SkyCar.

This cat has several models for you to choose from.

As far as we know there are not any SkyCars on the road yet.

But the Moller Neuera, pictured above, and the Moller SkyCar 400 are two that strike my fancy.

No word yet for the development timeline of the Moller SkyBoat? We will keep you posted here.

Moller SkyCar. Why not a SkyBoat?

Think about it. No need for a shuttle. No need for a truck to haul the boat to the river. No waiting at the boat ramp. No problem SkyHopping over the dude who just low-holed you. Fish places that never get boat pressure, or even foot traffic.

And be the coolest angler on the planet rolling up to the fly shop in this rig…



Moller SkyCar. Why not a SkyBoat?
Get one today!
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  • Moller claims to have an option for floats but their production version of any model has been 3 to 4 years away for at least 15 years. There used to be a one man hovercraft that occasionally scurried up and down the lower Skykomish river. It seemed to handle riffles and gravel bars remarkably well.

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