Sunday Brown Trout

Monday Fishing Report straight outta HHFS

Monday Fishing Report straight outta HHFS

Looking good for the middle of the week in the fishy weather category.

The next few days could be jewels. A couple of the days in each of the last couple weeks have provided very good dry fly opportunities coupled with strong nymph returns.

The water has dropped 25% since you last looked. Pulled to 3000cfs Saturday for maintenance at Holter Dam. We understand that the flows will return to normal, 4K-ish upon completion in advance of the annual brown trout spawn beginning soon. When that is? When we know you’ll know.

Water temps have dipped into perfection. Fish dig this temperature. Currently 58F. A good month ahead of us.

Sunlight Report: Good nymphing in the morning with the low sunlight. More difficult in the afternoon with the high and bright sun. Fish in the fall like overcast. Fish in the summer like bright lights. Think of the season appropriate weather and follow suit. Better dry fly fishing in the am if you are Headhunting. Poorer dry fly during the pm session with sunny skies. Streamer fishing can be difficult in the sun as well.

Overcast Report: Good all day long. Sometimes. For the nymphers that like to use the net the overcast days can be stellar. Fish become pretty excited with the big ball in the sky is covered by clouds. Evidenced by skinny water locations, willingness to chase, etc. Fish do not have eyelids, cannot squint, and do not have access to sunglasses.

Looking good for the weeks ahead. Come on out and enjoy the latter part of the trout season. Guides available, lodging, and shop services. Open daily 7:30am.




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