Monday in Central Montana

Monday in Central Montana

Monday in Central Montana

The snow storm has passed. The blizzard. It certainly was blizzard like for most fo the day yesterday. Today? Windy and not as cold. Drifting snow and blowing snow can make travel a bit difficult.

The plows are out. But with the wind it fills in the gaps as the time passes by.

Fishing this week? Oh yeah. The swing is on and we will be out there. Maybe not today. But as this week moves along the staff and a few guides will be out with the Trout Spey Rods practicing the TROUT2H game. And catching a few along the way.

We are looking towards the weekend ahead as thee air temps will be int he lower 40’s. That is good fishing weather. We have all but given up on the bugs here onto river this late fall. A good early Baby BWO followed by a whole lot of nothing. Nothin.’

SWING SEASON has ARRIVED! That is the news. John has always said that the best swing months are November and December. And that the bite gets stronger when the trout are not focussed onto insect. When the food source changes from aquatic insect life  to leeches, sculpins, and the sort.

So we love this period. Much quieter on the river with swingers out there offering the two handed fare!

And the shop gang is all in. Lots of cool gear available and demos too. Come by and get yourself set up! Open delay 8am.

Enjoy your week ahead!

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