Monday March 18th Missouri River Fishing Report

Monday March 18th Missouri River Fishing Report

Monday March 18th Missouri River Fishing Report

The river is open and the fishing is pretty good. And if you didn’t know, or notice…spring is scheduled to arrive in a few days.

If Mother Nature is on the same page as the calendar. Let’s hope.

Lots of boats out this weekend and wade fishers too. Access issues have abated with the sun and warmer air temps this past week.

The town of Cascade is having residents continue a heavy drip of the faucets to alleviate potential subsurface fresh water pipes from freezing. Our flanking larger cities Great Falls and Helena have some big issues with frozen pipes, sewer, water and the like.

We have had a few near misses in Craig as well as the winter wounds are all scabbed up. Sort of.

A few bullets for you this Monday morning as I write the fishing report before heading to the river to guide. Our Spring Special is in full swing and the phone is ringing booking this fantastic $400 Spring Special Guide deal. Discounted local lodging as well to get you rolling this spring 2019.

  • You can come later in the morning. Not an early show yet. Cold nights lengthen the time that you can sleep. The fish are sleepy too. The sun as the day proceeds helps the bite.
  • PINK nymphs.
  • Some flirting with subsurface midge patterns too. Is it too early to tie on a BWO subsurface pattern? Hmmm, they move toward the surface in a short month. They could be moving around down there?!
  • Midge activity on the surface. Mostly random fish rising randomly. They are not too smart yet. But it is the type of thing that you gotta be a bit lucky. The fish are not rising rhythmically. The are dancing like white guys right now. No rhyme or reason. But, they are out there so have that dry fly stick in the boat.
  • Buy new fly lines in the spring. Headhunters is your FLY LINE SOURCE in Montana with well over 1000 fly lines in stock. We have what you need from RIO, SA, OPST, Airlfo, Orvis, and Wulff. Come in speak with our crack staff to get yourself lined out! Old fly lines suck. And they do not help you much as far as accuracy, comfort, fish to hand.
  • The streamer anglers getting fish to bite! Olive is the latest. Some flash too. See 7wt for the best in streamer selections on the MO!
  • Swingers. Yeah man. The slumber is over. They are awake donning the two hander and waking up the Missouri River trout. Lots in stock for the Trout Spey fellers. Try the ACR Nova 2 today. It will be your favorite new rod!
  • Headhunters is clearly your information source. Make sure you are connected to our social platforms on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Daily hits on all fo them. The fly shop that cares about keeping you in the Missouri River loop.
  • Boat Ramps open: Wolf Creek, Craig, Stickney Creek, Mid Canon. I would not use the remainder. If you get stuck, call a tow truck.
  • Be careful out there. Winter conditions exist. Wade fishers gotta watch icebergs, larger pieces of shelf ice, and the snow on the banks. It can be difficult to get yourself out of the water with the snow on the banks! Plan your attack, and an exit strategy. Important. Dead anglers do not spend money at Headhunters.
  • Headhunters open everyday @ 8am. Open later than the rest . Come by for a cup of coffee int he morning. Shuttles, fly lines, sunscreen, fishing licenses, warm hats, lifestyle rubber boots from SIMMS, gloves, BUFF’s and the like.
  • Happy Spring!

Monday March 18th Missouri River Fishing Report

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  • I see the roof of a shed/boat house surrounded by about 6-8′ of ice and snow.

  • Heading that way this week Mark. What oars do you use on your Adipose boat? I am thinking about getting some Sawyer 9′-3″ Dyna X oars with the Shoals blades for mine. What do you think of them?

    • Steve. Been rowing that oar for about 6 or 7years now. Great. Just got a new Dyno X 9′ with the Flex Blade. Love it. Have had the Shoal Cut blade for years, Awesome. The South Fork Blade too. Both great. I like the softer Flex blade now…for joint health!

  • We are headed to Craig! March 22 – 24 with Headhunters…some solo and a day or so with the boss lady leading the charge. Warm up weather so she will be on the boat with me…also gonna try your super Spey technique. Something new for me…but useful to learn…

  • Is that dark thing behind the tree on the left a moose? Or should I have stopped after 4

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