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Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 3.20.14

Rising Tide. The flows are now at 6500cfs+ and it is fishing well.

Remember that it is not 3K anymore and the water is moving faster. And, and it is deeper.

Where do Missouri River Trout live?

Having said that if you think about why fish reside in specific areas you will soon realize that the subsurface structure does not change by adding a foot or two of water on top of said housing. Therefore trout residences do not move far or at all when we experience higher flows. Just saying’.

Some fish do move towards the bank somewhat as the flows increase, but not always. No hard and fast rules when hunting troutskis.

Water temps are moving slowly upwards dn will again after the next snow storm moves through. Next week sometime. 36F is enough to make the comfort zone not too far away.

Spawning Rainbow Trout

Saw some Redds today out guiding. SO be aware that the Rainbow Spawn will be in effect for a couple months and be aware that if you stomp on them or harass spawning fish they are less likely to procreate efficiently. It’d be like your folks walking into you bedroom while you are making whoopee, throwing Peanut M & M’s at your head and heckling you…

Think about it.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report | March 20th

Flies that are making the grade include Pink LB’s, Amex, Rainbow Czech, Pink Ray Charles, Pink Scuds, WORMS, Rainbow Warrior, Sows, Zebra’s in a few different colors, Dominick’s Dam Midge, Red Flasher, Peep Show, Ju-Ju Baetis.

Steamer flies still in the brown arena, natural tones, yellow and white. Why not give black a try?

Dries? Near, very near. Saw a decent batch of Midges today mid afternoon. Not enough to get too many fish worked up. Saw some splashy play trout but nothing of substance.

New flies still coming in this month. Loading up the bins for Headhunting success. Stop in and see us change throughout the month of March.

Looks like snow for most of the week. At least that is what the forecaster is stating. Will it really snow again? Please don’t answer that question. Spring is coming…I won’t hear of anything else.

Missouri River Weather


Come on out this week and stay with us for cheap. Cabins starting @ $100. Guide Trips $300. We’ll even brush the snow off your windshield for you…and we’ll have hot soup in the boat too!

What do you think of the new updated site? Scumliner working on it and you will see it morph as the week progresses. Look for more long winded articles that will live on the site. How to’s, of course the videos, photo work, product reviews, low brow humor and lame attempts to keep you updated. Yes, the most current Missouri River Fishing Reports with total transparency nearly daily. They will keep coming at you in force as summer approaches…and we are not kidding like many so called fishing websites that promise the moon…and deliver bub-kiss.

Last year we posted on this very blog/fishing report site 758 times. Yep. Honest.

Trust me, I’m a fishing guide.

Keep it tuned here for the most updated, conscious, Missouri River fly fishing and lifestyle information source.

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  • I always appreciate the updates fellas. Got an ETA on the baetis?

  • Red Boat Mark
    March 20, 2014 10:39 am

    It may be snowing but is officially the first day of spring! To all of us living above the Mason Dixon, we freakin made it!

  • This site was good before. It is better now. Thanks much for staying current. I always enjoy the guest blogs written by your guides. Let’s see more of that.
    Whatever happened to those other fly shops in Craig,MT?

  • The new site is great! I also saw yesterday you have several Tiger fans in the shop. That will boost your business from me. For the the Boston fans at Headhunters………..this is a Detroit year. Just getting the banter started.

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