Monday Missouri River BWO Image

Monday Missouri River BWO Image

Monday Missouri River BWO Image and Report

Windy and sunny is the forecast. Overcast this morning but I think that will fade…or blow away with the 20+mph ripping through Cascade right now.

Yesterday no BWO’s. But, lots of Pseudocloeons out there in the canyon. And they were tough to catch. The fish I mean. Got a few in-between the nuclear gusts of wind. Again, today, more of the same.

But if you happen to be here on a less windy day above Mid Canon you will witness and fish to a number of BWO eating trout.

The non-local locals have arrived again. Love seeing all the familiar faces. Many of them fishing here for better than a couple decades. Those fellers and gals know what to do for sure. They got their day planned out and are on point. Lots of guides from other rivers here too. And industry folks from the fly fishing industry. Fly shop groups. And another Advanced Fly Fishing School starting on Thursday night running through the weekend hosted by Headhunters Fly Shop. RIO/Sage coming out the following week with buyers, managers, and fly shop owners to fish it up, tell some stories, and toss some streamers.

The flies that those mentioned above are throwing? Mostly CDC stuff. But the cripple with the poly wing is coming on strong. Floats better. Again, but,a nd sometimes…those with casting skills can dry out that fly and float it.

I have noticed here of late that dry fly anglers have gotten rid of the false cast. Hmmm. Don’t know why. I guess they like to sink their flies. Or not see them. You gotta false cast not only to dry the fly, but more importantly to get that line straight out behind and in front of you when you cast to insure accuracy with the cast. Yo cannot load, or properly execute accurate presentations with a limp wristed low line speed cast. It just does not work. Cast a few times in between presentations and you will be happily greeted with some more eats!

I would get out here and bring some overcast cloudy conditions with you. The water temps are good and the water flows while being lower than we like are good enough to get the fish to look upwards.

A better streamer bite yesterday with Guide Beth L getting some real nice trout to hand in the canyon. Flashy and white or yellow or Kreelex or Skiddish Smolt or leeches or smaller buggers.

Cripples seem to be the way to go on the BWO. Seconded by the emerger. CDC on both if you wish. Or go the poly route as mentioned above. Adams working just fine too. Not all the time, but not too bad blind fishing them. A Nymen’s Cripple in the Callibaetis size is a good one to blind fish. You can see it and it floats. How about cluster midges. They work too. And Adams does have it shortcomings…but not too many. IF the fish get techy, and they do, the Adams may have to go away and something with an abdomen hanging in the water will have to replace it on your terminal end.

A great time to be outside, the fall period. The Missouri falls into that category. Why not book yourself a trip in November and miss some of the angling pressure having the river to yourselves? Huh?! You can your fishing partner can give us a call at 406-235-3447 to get a cabin and a guide. A rental boat. Neither? That is cool too.

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service open everyday but Christmas. So, we got your back this fall and winter. Enjoy the colors turning, the halloween colors of the brown trout, and the blue wings of those olive bodied bugs!

It’s Monday. Work today taking the remainder of the week off. It’s healthy. It’s good for your constitution.

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