Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 3.8.21

Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 3.8.21

Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 3.8.21

Water temps crawling higher. And the fish are responding. A better bite this weekend for many. We had come out of a hit and miss period and let’s hope that has passed! Consistency is good.

Water temps are 36F. Every minute change upwards is a good thing for fish movement. More action for sure. And that is the path the remainder of this month will take. More action.

Flows are 3800 cfs. Still lower than normal. Will we see higher water this spring? Who knows. But SOL will reach out to the water managers and get an idea of what all happen in the month to come.

Flies that many were excited about this weekend include the Rainbow Czech nymph, Firebead Ray Charles, Tailwater sow bugs with pink beads, silver beads, or no bead. Worms of all flavors. All the pink stuff. But what we will mention is the BWO nymphs are subsurface and active. It is the time when we will start flirting around with bugs other than pink flavored. Hatching temp for the Olive begins at 42F. We are still a few degrees from that but the bugs will soon be taking off their winter sweaters and making their way to the surface.

Not too much on the Midge side. Zebra’s are certainly in the mix for the nymph angler. But the midge surface action has been occasional and spotty. Not too good yet. We will let you know when the bugs make their appearance.

Lots of anglers out there this past weekend with daytime air temps reaching into the Hi 50’s. 60’s last week. Snow this afternoon with Hi temps for the week hovering around in the 40’s. Snow alter this week as well. Back to winter for the week ahead. That is OK. It is only March!

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Open daily 8am. We are here daily!

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