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Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 6.19.23

Monday Missouri River Fishing Report 6.19.23

Flows will be dropping, this month? Maybe. Dropping today to 11750. Helena Valley Irrigation requesting some water. Not a reflection of dropping or hovering inflows.

Toston inflows creeping back up. Today 11500.

Lake is full. Canyon Ferry. Run of the river for Holter and Hauser Reservoirs.

PMD’s are hatching. Find the soft stuff. Most fish we have seen rise at these flows, ever. Can you wade out to them? Only if you got stilts man. After 6K no wading comfort. 8K puts all but the 7 footers out of the game. 10K+. No wading at all. Stand on the bank-ish, and cast farther.

Some caddis too. We like caddis.

Trico’s in another couple weeks.

Water temps below Holter Dam 60F. Flows 11,200, and dropping per above.

Peak season here on the Mo. Out of area displacement anglers mostly at home, on their local rivers.

Been out on the Dearborn and the Blackfoot, the staff and myself, recently. Fun times. Want to add a freestone day to your trip? Ask Julie for availability. Salmonflies are big. And most anglers can see a size 6 or 8 pattern?!?!?

Swingers? Too deep.

Strippers. Deep tips, dark days, dark flies. Flashy and White too.

Headhunters eclipses the rest in fly selection and fly availability. Stuffed full bins coupled with full time anglers in the shop to help you get in touch with your Rainbow or Brown Trout dreams.

HH your information source here on the Mo. Do you want your fly shop to give you the cold shoulder? In store or online? The friendly and fun fly shop in the canyon, Craig, and beyond. Do you want your fly shop to be the place that you buy ice? And that is it, or a shuttle.

Or, so you want to be a part of a community of anglers…ask yourself.

What does a fly shop provide, if not information. Flows, techniques, new fresh fly patterns, fellowship, conversation, boat washing station, rental boats, hoodies, HH logo gear, sunscreen and so much more.

We love June.

The entire river fishing well. Current river fishing grade? Really depends on the creature holding on the the cork. Those who practice casting in the off season, will catch more dry fly fish. If the fish does not see the fly, I believe, he won’t eat it.

Headhunters Fly Shop open first, open last. 630 daily.


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