Monday Morning March Fishing Report

Monday Morning March Fishing Report

Hello March. Hello Missouri River anglers. Hello Spring?

The groundhog did predict spring. Not six more weeks of winter. Last year at this time we were in a deep freeze. Real deep. Snow and ice and air temps below zero. The average temperature last February in Great Falls came in at -6F. Not this year. This morning mild and 37F, some wind.

The week ahead has a mixed spring bag of weather including 65F on Friday followed by snow on the weekend. That is the picture of Spring in the Rockies!

Flows are historically average at 4400 cfs with water temps holding steady at 35F.

Nymphers getting it done with Pink, sows, scuds, and the smart ones are ready to implement the BWO nymph too. Yessir. The BWO, all the insects, live subsurface for a year previous to emergence into our world. So they will start showing themselves in bigger numbers before the actual hatch. Remember this. An important info piece. But, you will not need them on a daily basis for til later this month.

Deep, inside bends, slow, repeat.

The Streamer Junkies are having a ball this winter and spring. Consistent action in deep and slow holding on to that streamer and sometimes imparting movement. But not stripping it bro. 35F style movement. Stop in and chat with the trout experts at the shop for the latest and greatest streamer patterns.

Dry Fly Anglers can see some fish moving on the midge out there. Not consistent, not daily, but keep your eyes open for the roaming rainbow looking for a top water snack. Midges are the game. Clusters etc.

Water Forecast for the Spring and Summer 2020? Coming this week. But below is the map of the current Montana Snow Water Equivalents.

Not too bad. Add a bit more and we should be looking at flows of 4100cfs with potential run-off numbers of 7-9K. More on this late this week.

Remember that Headhunters Famous Spring Special is live on March 15th. $400 Guide trips through April 30th. Get on board today. Discounted lodging as well. Call the shop if you need help with this fantastic special pricing.

Happy Monday to you out there in Troutland. We’ll keep it real here in sleepy Craig Montana. We are opening our eyes for the season ahead!

Monday Morning March Fishing Report
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