Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18

Really pretty good fishing out there folks. Again, have said it a few times before this last 2 months, it is as good as it gets for this period. Best ever? Maybe. But best ever that we may see for a while. Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18

Above: Guide Lindsey Channel doubled up again with his anglers below Wolf Creek. Nymphing on the upper river is real good man.

I have lots of conversations with individuals who have fished here for years. Some complain that it is not as good as it used to be. They may be right. In some cases they are totally right. There are more folks around on the river. Also true that if you folks keep making babies, there will be more folks around everywhere. So, the aforementioned complaint is moot. More anglers, more babies, more angling pressure, more everything…

But I do know that if that is the case, that everything gets worse over time, that you better get here soon before it gets worse. Book your fall trip today. We got lodging. Lot so good options for you.

If you do believe that everyday is worse than the last, that is a tough path to follow. Live in the moment and you can always see the sun shine.

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18
Angler Barret Tabert holding an ant fish. The ant was good to Barret on Saturday! Guide Mark Raisler

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18

Callibaetis are out. Fishing an Adams is a good idea. Fishing a spinner is a better idea. Or a cripple pattern that you can see. I like that idea.

Ants. Cinnamon, black, or purple or your shade of wonderful will work. They are eating them.

Caddis are making an impact of the topwater bite. You see those random center river fish moving a foot or two to take the fly? Yes? Those fish will eat the fly. Those jumpy mid river fish you commonly see here? Those are not catchable. They are playing. The fish you see move confidently to a caddis..they are catchable. But they will eat an ant too.

Hoppers. Yes. Good. Depends on the day. Not as consistent as the techniques above. Attractor flies have been strong for the past 6 weeks. They will continue to be important. October Caddis patterns will be good in the coming month. Fish them now. The big orange bug has been seen by many including this author. Put one on. You may see a orange mouthed trout eat it!

Trico’s. Yes, daily. a couple weeks left. Had some real fine Trico fishing this past week. It will fade this week somewhat as we are headed into a cooler weather pattern. True of the hopper above as well. The CB and the caddis will stay on track. Probably the ant. But I think the Trico population is waning. My favorite Trico fly has been a sz 12 Callibaetis Spinner. They cannot stay off of it. Have not delved into the cripple world yet much. But that should be just as deadly. The poly winged Callibeatis cripple patterns are just deadly on the river.

The Trico fishing gets noticeably more difficult as the hatch progresses. We are entering week 10. To catch many of them you will need to toss the super techy minute Trico patterns in your box. See 22 is common during this period of the hatch life. Diminutively tied, sparse Trico patterns. A cluster will work still, but only the smallest one. A caddis is a good idea by the Trico feeder. A fish will move for a caddis fly, but will most certainly not move a millimeter for another silly Trico spinner.

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18
Seasonable temps return to our area.

Weather ahead of us follows a more seasonable projection. Cooler air temps along with some moisture. The fish will like that. It will slow some of the hoper production, but beyond that we do not anticipate much changing int he top water bite that has been so consistent. Bring at extra layer for the morning shift. And if the wind blows, maybe for the afternoon session too!

Nymphing is good at the dam, and beyond. Zebra’s, small mayfly patterns, large mayfly patterns, scuds, sows, and the like. 5′-6′ from bobber to split. Run the deep lanes. Then row back uphill. Repeat.

Zirdles, Craws, and worms will top the fly rig in the afternoons. Small mayfly patterns will populate the bottom end of your nymph rig. Or another sow bug will work too.

Streamer fishing can be good. It should be good this mid-week with the rain that is forecast. Overcast skies allows fish to hold in nice friendly skinny water for those strippers to entice a few big ones to chase the bigger anchovy pattern. The weeds are not really an issue this season. A “2” on the Missouri River scale. All relative man. It has not been as issue in 2018.

Trout Spey Anglers are coming in more frequently now the angler of sun is lower. Swinging up some good fish on leeches, streamers, some soft hackles. We will see more and more as fall wetware envelopes us here in downtown Craig Montana.

Lots of traffic in the canyon reaches. Blind fishing fly patterns you can see is super fun. Head down there and toss some attractor pattern. Some early Trico spinner action can be had as well. Fun stuff for sure.





Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18
Headed downhill. A good route! Fish like below 60F water temps. They go nuts.


The Water Temps are such that the Cascade reach is fishing again too. It does not do well in the heat months but it has returned to a nice and cool low 60’s. Those fish are active down there. Pseudocloeons are a thing down there. They will move upriver as the month move along.

Water Flows are nice for September as well. The flows have not dipped into the 3K’ at all this season. Thanks to Mother Nature and the dam knob controllers. A great summer of fishing has come about because of the factors, the higher water this loooongg spring, and light angling pressure. The fishing will continue to be strong as we move into late September followed by a BWO filled October.

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18
Better than average water flows. Thumbs up!

Thanks for reading this Monday folks. Appreciate all of you out there in Blog/Fishing Report land. Let us know how to improve this blog, which is a daily, none other in our region requiring someone to write it up daily, so be constructive…from a staff who has other obligations as well beyond this website…we love hearing from you. But don’t yell at me.

Headhunters is your information, education, entertainment, and customer service leader in the greater Missouri River arena. Open daily 7-7. 

Get out here and fish. A great fall ahead of us. While I will enjoy the next 6 weeks, I do know that November will be outrageous as well. I love November for Trout Spey Season! And it’s even quieter…




Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report 9.10.18
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