Montanans Fish in the Winter

Montanans Fish in the Winter

Montanan’s Fish in the winter. Or ski. Or both.

Some even nordic ski around here when there is enough snow on the ground. And there has been so far this year. The slight rain on Saturday and Sunday erased the remainder of skiable snow.

Montanans Fish in the Winter
Swing Season is here!

So again we fish here locally. The shelf ice has evaporated as well. Pretty easy and much safer to approach the water in the last week. And by the middle of this week we will be in hog heaven.

Sunday afternoon saw the air temps in the 40’s with some wind. Warmer all week long.

Will see some anglers out there as we near February. February will see an increase in Missouri River anglers as the football season will have ended and Sundays become wide open. Saturdays will become even more popular as the winter itch will need to be scratched.

A great month to work on your Trout Spey techniques here in central Montana. Come by for any help you may need.

The nymphing will continue to improve as well. And the dry fly fishing will become something we can not only talk about be execute as the Midge Hatch will eventually get rolling. Certainly something to look forward to.

Fly Tying Night in America this Wednesday at 6pm at the shop. Come on come all. Have a good front end of the week. Think about booking your summer trip to the Mo. We are here to help. Operators standing by to answer any lodging questions, guide selection, and timing. We got your back.

Montanans fish in the winter, spring, summer…


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  • Bigfoot Stole My Wife
    January 25, 2016 9:04 am

    Does anyone wear neoprene waders anymore? Should I pack them away with my Seal Drys? Maybe wear in a float tube? I don’t miss them, just wondering.

  • Hmm. The antique neoprene might have been useful this past weekend down in the Minnesota Driftless Area. I’d never fished below freezing before, but got the itch after driving through Craig a couple of weekends ago (sadly, no window for fishing on that trip…. *sigh*) I learned what stiff line and iced guides do to an already poor casting ability. Ice builds up fast at 22 F!

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