SIlly Sunday Scenery

Silly Sunday Scenery

Throwback image today this Sunday in November.

Way back to the first couple years at the shop.

The original sign shown here of this shop. Steve Butt and The Parrothead Fly Shop.

A few still around that were contemporaries of Butts.

Today, not as much snow around from this past week. But more on the way as we head into a new week!

Fishing? Oh, you’ll have to step through a run to know…

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  • Great pic! Seems likel, back in those early days, if’n you had a caddis box in your vest, you were a complete Missouri River trout bum. Techy as hell these days. Still…da MO is da bomb!

  • wayne e clayton
    November 13, 2022 9:26 am

    Anyone remember Pat Elam?

    • Well I do Wayne., But only met Pat a couple times before he passed. But ran with a bundle of his contemporaries! Unfortunately missed the genius of Pat Elam. Did pal around with Steve a bunch. He and the rest had many stories of wonderment…

  • HH had a vision and made a go with the new shop. A cool success story.

  • I remember Pat in ’89, good times back then! Someone was fond of shootn spuds across the surface LOL, stayd in yellow submarine

  • The spinning rods look a bit lost hanging in that rack over the flyshop sign, Lol!

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