New Breed Chicks Rule

New Breed Chicks Rule & Future Flyfishers!

2 for 1 today on the Headhunters Blog.

A New Breed Chicks Rule gal who happens to be a Future Flyfisher too!

Millie is the angler here today, and the star!

New Breed Chicks Rule!

Mike said that it was the first fish Millie caught by herself.

The cast, the take, the set, the fight, and the landing.

Hooray Millie and congrats! Very nice work.

Future flyfishers is a category we love along with the NBCR. We should see Millie and her siblings on this very page in the years to come.

This blog sponsored today by the child of Mike and Kelsey Ward, owners of the popular Missouri River and Montana Drift Boat maker Adipose Boatworks in Helena Montana


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