Friday Foto Fishing Report

Friday Foto Fishing Report | Missouri River Montana

Friday Foto Fishing Report from your good friends @ Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service.

Good is the word. Good nymphing, can be great.

Below good for the streamer fishing. About one take per hour. So, not terrible. Come in and check out our vast selection of small streamers. It seems to be the consistent variable this past couple seeks. We got small sculpins, leeches, and other creepy wiggly patterns for trout fishing success.

Some dry fly fishing too. Occasional rise forms can keep you guessing part of the day. Toss and hope. If that does not work, go home and sit on the couch. Or, cast again.

Sign up for the January 4th Spey Clinic today. Get a friend or family member to share the ride with you. A great Saturday for learning and fellowship. Get out fo the house this January, Saturday Jan. 4th 9am for FREE @ Headhunters Spey Clinic.

Super deals in the shop this week. Cost or below cost for many items. We gotta get them outta here as the new stock is arriving daily…and there are other changes in the works too.

The weather is…well you know what you can handle. It is commonly windy. Yep, commonly windy on the Missouri River. Most, almost all, have learned to live with it. None of us love it, so living with it isn’t so bad. Like a fuzzy AM radio station…not too bad. You get used to it. It is mostly enjoyable, most of the time.


Water temps at 35ish-F. Flows at 3Kish-cfs.

Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service is open daily until next Thanksgiving. So, we got that going for us…

See you this weekend for fly fishing, 2 Handed gear and fly lines, tips, a comprehensive Missouri River fly selection, shuttles, rental boats, winter discounted lodging @ Craig Trout Camp, hot coffee, generic fly shop bullshitting, summer 2014 reservations…


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