Marry Christmas

Merry Christmas…we’re fishing this week!

Come on in and enjoy the deeply discounted products here on the Mo. And, and then go fish!

Or the other way around. Your choice.

Quite a few anglers on the river Wednesday the 25th. Looked like most were swinging 2 handed rods. Some single handers as well mostly tossing streamers. The nymphing bite is pretty hot. Per usual.

Super Hot after Christmas Deals that you will not see any other time of the year for the week ahead in the shop. We’ll post a few specials on facebook too. Stop by for flies, accessories, a few remaining DEMO Rods, discontinued stock, and much, much, more.

The fishing is damn good for the cooler water temps. The weather for the week ahead is amenable to tossing flies in the Missouri River. We think so too.

You can always call for the current wind report. Sometimes it’s smart to call your man in Craig…you know, to find stuff out. We are in the shop daily 8am-5pm. We’ll be around for any thing you may need. Come sown and try out a 2 Handed Rod, or two!?! Why not? Won’t cost you ‘nothin.

If you choose to spend a few days, we got you covered too. Craig Trout Camp has cabins starting @ 100 bones.

Joe’s Bar open daily @ 8am.

The Frenchman and Me open daily. The Oasis too, for all 3 meals.

The fishing happens daily, the evenings? Knock yourself out.

Check out the weather and decide what day you are coming. Any questions? Just call us…our Holiday Fishing Hotline 406-235-3447

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  • git’em, git’em, git’em!!!! I might have to take a 2 handed lesson or 2 in July?? Looks like fun!

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