New Conservation License for most State Lands

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks asks for your help in reminding recreationists of the new requirement for a Conservation License. Beginning July 1, everyone ages 12 and older will need a Montana Conservation License to access most state lands.

For people who enjoy recreation on any of Montana’s more than 330 fishing access sites and 77 wildlife management areas, wildlife habitat protection areas or legally accessible state trust lands, they will need to have a Conservation License to access those lands. Anyone who has already purchased a hunting or fishing license has purchased a Conservation License as a prerequisite for hunting and fishing. These licenses cost $8 for residents, $4 for resident youth ages 12 to 17 and seniors 62 and older, and $10 for nonresidents. They can be purchased at any FWP office, license provider or online at

Montana state parks do not require a Conservation License.

On Montana state trust lands, the Conservation License replaces the required State Lands Recreational Use Permit for general recreation on legally accessible state trust lands that are not otherwise closed or restricted.

Our focus this year will be on educating the public with this new requirement. We know that for many of your customers, they’ll need to buy a Conservation License before they head out.

For more information on Conservation Licenses, visit FWP’s Conservation License webpage. Here, you can also download a poster and information card that have a convenient QR code to quickly take people to FWP’s online licensing system.

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