The New Kid in Town. Meet Mr. BWO

The New Kid in Town. Meet Mr. BWO

The New Kid in Town. Meet the BWO

While we still primarily see life through pink colored fly lenses and will be for at least another month, we began flirting with a different shade of blue this week. The Blue Winged Olive patterns are creeping into the game everyday the water temps rise.

The New Kid in Town. Meet the BWO37.5F is today’s water temp. A year ago we had 39F. So a colder winter has led to cooler water temperatures for this date. Why do we care? BWO’s like to show near the 42F mark. But this knowledge lets us predict what is in the subsurface bug future.

BWO’s are in play sort of. They will certainly become more active as the water temps rise. But they are totally in the mix. I eluded to the play of this bug a couple blogs ago.

A great time to start fishing the BWO bug is before we see them on the surface!

What kind of BWO patterns?

Your favorites of course. How about our favorites? The standards for the past several years have been the S & M, Little Green Machine in both PT and Chartreuse flavors, Little Green Mo, Tung Death Metal, Two Bit Hooker in a  couple flavors, Radiation Baetis, Mason’s Peep Show, BWO Magic Fly, Pearl LB, the ever so famous Pheasant Tail and all of the derivations available to the abler today,and whatever Ninch has in store for us this blossoming 2017 spring season.

So while you get ready for the upcoming month you oughtta think about bringing the full monty. Soon after the BWO’s make the announcement this spring, along with the already in play midge patterns, the caddis will come, and the Skwala’s, and the PMD’s and so on.

Key to today’s lesson?

Develop a plan for yourself thinking about the future. Jut like investing  few bucks for a return in your financial future you too can predict what will happen in the bug world. It’s pretty simple really. History does repeat itself on this accord. Yearly. It is no secret folks. The BWO’s come every year in the spring. The Caddis come in May. And so forth.

So you too can think like a trout genius. It’s easy. Just because we cannot see what is happening subsurface does not mean it is not going on. It’s a subsurface BWO party man. Right now! Or soon.

Additional hint: Change is good. If you are not hooking up, change the fly. Change the depth. Change the type of water. Watch where others are finding success. Pay attention to where anglers are that are using that net thing. A good indicator of smart fishing. Those who are willing to learn out there on the water, or staring at this screen, can exceed even their own expectations.


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