No stress. Fish better.

No stress. Fish better.

No stress. Fish better.

4 words to happiness.

Anglers that don’t stress out catch more.

Better conversion rate for sure.

It is certainly how I choose to guide anglers. A low stress environment is healthy for all anglers in the drifter.

It really is my guiding philosophy. Don’t stress man. Fish better. 

The image below is me, Squeeky, fishing with John Dietsch of a TV show that we did with all star Christine Johnson, way back (2010) in the day. Check out the posture of the guide, me.

Hang Loose man.

That is an image of a relaxed individual. Shooting the Adventure Guides TV show Headhunters of Montana: Missouri River Flyfishing, no stress. Takes too much energy to freak out or bite your nails. And host John was willing to have fun with the episode.

Kick back and let it happen man. Although I commonly try to stuff the make it happen approach down my guests throats, I think you get my vibe Headhunters Nation.

As it snows a bundle here in central Montana and Squeeky writes once again nonsensical drivel.

But it is late January and you have come to expect that.

Fellers that get way too worked up while fishing freak me out a bit. This calloused fishing guide just has to laugh t off. Not everyone enjoys the rowers seat as their office chair. All I need is sunscreen, some cool shades, and a big hat.

No stress. Fish Better.

Try it this year.


No stress. Fish better.
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