Not yet on the Blackfoot River

Not yet on the Blackfoot River

Just did some recon on the Blackfoot River yesterday and today. Still blown.

No surprise to those who know how freestone streams behave in the spring, and searly summer, and sometimes mid summer.

According to Cathy at the Blackfoot Angler they should get rolling towards the end of June beginning of July. Based on her 16 years in Ovando and living on the Blackfoot and her “feel” she says not for a while longer.

We ventured up tot he Upper North Fork of the Blackfoot and watched the river rage through the high canyon walls amongst forests of Pine. Really a pretty place. A fun place to wade fish in the mid summer. Really nice freestone environs on the westside.

We are ready for when the Blackfoot breaks with tenured guides on the Blackfoot with Peter Skidmore, Nick Stipech and Kurt Michels. Jared Edens and Ben Hardy along with Brett Matula and myself love to run over the hill as well and fish the Big Blackfoot for dry fly action. A real pretty river with great fishing opportunities.

If you are attending, fishing, visiting the Missouri River region and want to experience a bit of the green side of the state, look us up and tack on an additional day, or weave it into your multi-day Missouri River trip.

We will keep you informed as the Blackfoot comes into shape and tracking the Salmon Fly Hatch too! We got yer back here in central Montana. Look to the right of this blog and you will see the Blackfoot River live water graph from USGS and associated link.

As you may have read in yesterday’s post we anticipate lower water levels on the Missouri River very soon. We cannot wait to dry fly fish daily. It is coming. The Blackfoot? We will have to grin and bear it here with all those PMD’s, Caddis, and Yellow Sally’s until the Blackfoot comes into shape.

Happy Sunday to you all!

Not yet on the Blackfoot River
Upper North Fork of the Blackfoot
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