Missouri River Montana Water, Runoff, and Flow Update

Missouri River Montana Water, Runoff, and Flow Update

Mark spoke with Stephanie Micek of the USBR Friday morning and this is what I found.

The runoff has started and the snow is coming off nicely. The expected inflows into Canyon Ferry are expected to peak at 23K soon. Maybe this weekend or front end of next week. Inflows are 21.4K as I write this after midnight Saturday morning. They will get a touch higher according to Stephanie. That is what she predicted.

With that in mind she expects the flows to drop, the inflows, as the week progresses. That means that we should see a reduction in the outflows at Holter Dam.

Barring any major rain catastrophe in the coming weeks, we’ll monitor the weekend rain here, we should see lower flows quite soon!

How low can they go? Stephanie stated that there will be a meeting for the month of June forecast and she will get back to us midweek with the findings. We will report them right here on this highly accurate information blog when that information come available.

She said we could see flows with in 10 days of 6000cfs to as low as 5000cfs. Wow. Not may expected this flow in mid June. Lots of bullshit speculation and wildly incorrect numbers being spread around the neighborhood this past month.

Will it really happen or am I engaged in yet another bad blog dream?

If it does, expect fantastic dry fly angling this year. With all these fat and happy trout, we look forward to action like that! The water temps are already 54F. Just right. A perfect storm? Maybe. You may have to be on the water to see the PMD’s come off en masse.

You coming to the Mo this year? It may be in your best dry fly Headhunting interest…


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