Boats For Sale

NRS Freestone and Diablo Kayaks. Boats For Sale

Check out these great boat deals today on the Headhunters Blog.

All boats are located in downtown Craig MT on the property.

Beginning with the EMR for a scant $4500. Extra everything spare tire, oar locks, 4 life jackets, anchor, great tires, powder coated trailer…a nice price at $4500.

Sold yesterday!!


Secondly we have an NRS “Freestone” Inflatable Drift Boat gently used. This 2014 Headhunters Rental Boat was  a real hit with the locals and is for sale. Also @ $4500 it comes in at a cool $1000 under retail. Does not include trailer but does include 3 oars, anchor, anchor rope, repair kit, NRS Pump, K Pump, and all other accessories too. This is the jewel of the fleet. Come by and get on board today.

But, if you want to buy the Trailer you are welcome to it. It is a 2014 M & M Trailer made in Hamilton. We will let it go for $2,000. Take it all for $6500.

Check out this video from Sara Roholt @ Headhunters to see the amazing inflatable drift boat set up.

Boats For Sale
NRS Inflatable Drift Boat “Freestone”
Boats For Sale
All the good stuff!

Now for the a couple Diablo Paddlesports Chupacabra Kayaks. Measuring a perfect and comfortable 10’5 feet these 2 kayaks are 2 years old. We are willing to give you rock bottom pricing for the last two in our fleet. Take all the remaining extras too. We got paddles, Larry Chairs, rod holders, and much more. Comes with 2 paddles a stnad up anda  double ender, Hi Density Foam Seat and the Larry Chair, 1 Rod Holder, and more.

How a bout a cool $1400 for the both of them. Retail value is well over $2500 for both. Individually we have them selling today at $750. Retail value of over $1250 for the Diablo Chupacabra alone.

Call us on the Boat Sale Hotline 406-235-3447
Get your hands on these baby's! Willing to sell!
Get your hands on these baby’s! Willing to sell!


Boats For Sale, Diablo Paddlesports Chupacabra, EMR Drift Boat, NRS Freestone, NRS Inflatable Drift Boat
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