NRS Freestone For Sale!

NRS Freestone For Sale!

NRS Freestone For Sale!

We only have a couple left of the NRS Freestone. One in the box, and one demo boat for sale.

We love the NRS Freestone for when we get out of the tailwater mind set and look for moving waters!

The Blackfoot River and the Dearborn are the two that we run it on.

But looks good on the Mighty Mo too!

Get yours today while the summer is still here.

NRS Freestone Inflatable Drift Boat $5495


HEADHUNTERS SAYS: We love the NRS Freestone Drift Boat. It’s an excellent vessel for super skinny late-summer fishing on the Big Hole, Blackfoot, Dearborn and other freestone rivers. It’s also super-stealthy silent; perfect for dry fly fishing on the Missouri River. We get asked a lot of questions about this boat. In a nutshell, it rows like a drift boat but bounces over rocks like a raft; it’s very roomy like a drift boat, and easy to get in and out of; it is missing the dry storage normally found in a hard boat; it’s incredibly lightweight, possibly half as much as your drift boat; rows great, and handles standing waves with ease.

If there’s a negative we’ve found that the boats weight limit of 900lbs is accurate, and control in high water can be an issue if you overload the boat. Other than that, we think it’s possibly the perfect boat for the angler who fishes everywhere in Montana, from little creeks on the eastside, to big rivers in the west. These are 2015 models with the new improved drain holes (not the ones shown in the images). Throw it on a bed rack or use a lightweight flatbed trailer and go anywhere. And we’re shipping it to you ground, which means you can ship it to any remote location in the world!


The NRS Freestone Drifter Boat is the smaller cousin of the Clearwater Drifter. It’s perfect for those technical streams where the fishing’s great but a rigid hull isn’t practical.

The self-bailing inflatable hull handles rocks and shallow water like a raft while tracking as stealthily as a traditional drift boat.

The 14′ Freestone’s smaller size and lower hull height make it highly maneuverable in technical water and capable in windy conditions.

Made of tough drop-stitch PVC material, the Freestone inflates to a very rigid 9 psi, creating a stout 14-foot drift boat. You can inflate the floor up to 15 psi for the best performance with heavier loads in rough water.

You can easily disassemble the modular frame and roll up the deflated hull for convenient transport and storage.

The Freestone inflatable drift boat stows readily in a garage, car or small aircraft, or you can ship it UPS to your next fishing destination.

High rocker in the bow and stern shorten the waterline for superior tracking and anchoring while helping the boat ride over waves.

The three-chamber design and frame ensure it will keep floating and rowing even if an air chamber is compromised.

Casting stations in the bow and stern feature swiveling Angler Seats, diamond plate decks and Thigh Hooks with Stripping Baskets for secure, comfortable casting in smooth or rough water.

A rigid transom in the stern allows you to attach a small outboard motor.

A padded rowing seat and adjustable foot bar ensure all-day comfort for the oarsman.

An integrated pulley system lets the oarsman operate the anchor from the rowing seat.

A heavy-duty rub rail on the gunwales protects high-wear areas.

3″ stainless steel D-rings at the bow provide handy tie-off points and let you winch the Freestone onto a trailer.

5 Year retail warranty, 3 year commercial.


Inflatable hull
Modular frame
Highback Padded Raft Seat
2 Angler Swivel Seats
2 Aluminum diamond-plate casting platforms
2 Thigh Hooks
2 Frame Stripping Baskets
Anchor System (line & anchor not included)
High pressure pump
Protective boat wrap
Center Line Length: 14′
Gunwale Length: 15′
Beam: 70″
Bottom Width: 55″
Side Height: 21″
Folded Boat Dimensions: 46″L x 26″ W x 14″ T
Weight (total with frame): 260 lbs
Weight (hull only): 110 lbs
Load Capacity: 900 pounds of people and gear. Exceeding this will interfere with the self-bailing feature.
Valve Type: Leafield – C7
Self Bailing: Yes
Type of Material: PVC Drop-Stitch
Repair Kit: Yes
Warranty: 5 Years Retail, 3 Years Commercial

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