NRS Crush Watershoe

NRS Crush WaterShoe at Headhunters Fly Shop

This shoe is literally Crushing it. The NRS Crush is a hot seller right out of the spring gate as we move into our stunning summer.

Why so popular when we still have snow flurries about the local region?

Antricipation of course. A wanting and needing for warmth. Just the though of it is personally satisfying.

Buy a summer dream and wear them proudly.


The Headhunters staff speaks out about the NRS Crush

NRS "Crush" WaterShoe
Women’s NRS Crush Watershoe @ Headhunters Fly Shop

Mark says: The NRS Crush is what all the kids are wearing this year!

Dewey says: I’ve been wearing the “Crush” around the shop and they feel like slippers. I like that I can wear the shoe in the boat and wading. I am sure the “Crush” will make it to the golf course this year. You never no when you may have to play a water shot.

Sara says: Pretty comfy. Wouldn’t want to run a marathon in them. But then again, I wouldn’t want to run a marathon.

Braden says:  Chicks dig ’em,  so I dig ’em.

Ninch says: I like them because you don’t burn the top of your feet in these baby’s. Other than that, I rock my flips.

NRS Crush Watershoe @ Headhunters Fly Shop

Rugged materials, smart details and our signature Idaho style make the Crush your go-to shoe, day-in-day out, trip after trip, on and off the water.

  • This versatile, technically-capable shoe looks as good at the pub as it performs on the water.
  • The super sticky, siped rubber outsole provides a sure grip on wet rocks.
  • Quick-drying, DWR-coated Cordura® upper shrugs off the wear and tear of sticks and stones.
  • Ports in the sidewall quickly drain water away.
  • A removable foam insole supports and cushions the foot.
  • A “crushable” heel lets you also wear the shoe as a slip-on.
  • Includes two pairs of contrasting-color laces.
  • Custom-designed “launch box” includes a free NRS strap.
  • Marking sole.
  • D width
NRS "Crush" WaterShoe at Headhunters Fly Shop
Idaho State logo’d and wiped sole.

The upper material is made of Cordura. A sticky siped marking rubber sole. The insole is EVA foam with a lace closure system and built in sidewall drainage. A crushable heel and D width makes this a must have for summer boat and fishing wear.

Is this shoe made for wade fishing? Yeah, here on the Mo we commonly wade fish in our flip-flops, so a case could be made for it here. On slippery bowling ball style rivers? Maybe. But the sole is totally grippy on smooth wet rocks.

This shoe is made for kicking it after fishing, before fishing, while in the boat, kayakers, and other water activities. You gotta be careful about the marking sole if you are rolling around in beautiful white gel coated craft. Those folks will hang you if you come aboard their boat with these black soled water shoes.

Available in half sizes 8-13. We got them in all sizes at the shop. The NRS Crush sells for $79.95.

We have not had them around long enough to do the smell test. That is certainly forthcoming.

The NRS Crush Watershoe is not available yet on our online store but they are ready for you at the shop

So far we have launched boats, rocked them on our porch for Coors Lite entertaining, and enjoyed the comfort level in the shop.

We got ’em here at Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig Montana. Your fly fishing function and fashion store deep in the Missouri River canyon. Actually centrally located in the best fly fishing town on earth. Where else can you get out of the boat just steps from a great fishing bar called Joe’s and a top shelf restaurant named Izaak’s.

Not too many places on earth like Craig Montana.

Enjoy it in your NRS Crush Watershoe.

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