Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.7.15

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 4.6.15

Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service Missouri River Fly Fishing Report 4.6.15

Fishing is pretty good for the spring.

Ninch says same as always…”good as you are.”

I think he is sort of right. You gotta have the right gear and toss it in the right water. That ups the odds of getting the net off the floor.

Streamer fishermen are either happy or sad. Mostly happy with good results coming from tossing these big flies at the bank and across fishy shelf lines. Some RIO Outbound Short sales this weekend as more of the Streamer Junkies crawl from their winter hide-outs. Streamer Tips too with the shorter 10′ clear tip.

You could toss a dry line out there this next week as the flows are predicted to fall to levels below 4K. Water temps are hovering in the 43F range. Good for bug life.

Streamer patterns that are hot include White Dali Llama, White Urchin, Silver/Red Kronik, Sparkle Minnow OG, Tungsten Thin Mint, New Age Bugger Fire Tiger, Simi-Leech, Pine Squirrel Leech, Bloom’s MRS Bugger, L’il Kim, Arnold’s Stinger Sculpin Nat/Cop.

We have a ton of spring nymphs in stock for your Missouri River pleasures. Most of the action has been subsurface as we move into the second week of April. Split shot is still en vogue. Bobbers too. RIO Indicator Leaders are all the rage too. We love the RIO Indicator Leader 10′ 2X as our base leader. Then cut to length and add a touch of Fluorocarbon Tippet to complete your rig…oh, flies too.

Hot Springtime Missouri River nymph patterns include Bloom’s Weight Fly Rainbow, Amex, Sow Bug headless, Sow Bug Tungsten Bead, Ninch’s ThunderBug, Allen’s Holla-Back Girl, Fish Finder Worm, SJW’a of all kinds, LGM, Lightening Bug Copper Bead, Zebra Midge, Flashbang Midge Red, Sparkle Prince, 20 Bomb, Pat’s Rubber Leg, FB Tungsten Caviar Sow, Pink Wire Worm, Jemstoners Worms, Purple LB, Soft Hackles, Pink FB’s…

The dry fly bunch is out there looking for those sipping Missouri River Trout. Yes, finding them too. Fish found rising all hours of the day. Finicky non location feeding trout sometimes with no rhyme or reason to the pattern. The feeding pattern.

Fly Patterns that are good for the DFO crowd include Harrop’s Spent Midge, Buzzball, Cluster Midge, Q’s Cluster, Para Adams, Dominic’s Purple Reneball, Stacker Midge Royal, Purple Craze, sz 20 Royal Wulff, Black Parachute Ant, and big fluffies like Peanut Olive, Hodek’s Skwala, Super Chernobyl Purple, Henry’s Fork Golden Stone, Uni-Bomber, CFO Flamer Purple…

Overcast and calm and snow on the ground this am and the fishing looks great. Just a few on the water today…not too many days that that ahead of us for the remainder of the season. Get out if you can and enjoy the relative solitude of a Monday in April.

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