Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report

Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report

All is good with the Missouri River. Nothing is blown, the creeks are clear, and the fishing is good.

The Dearborn, Prickly Pear, Sheep Creek, and Stickney Creek are all clear and not affecting the flows or the color. The color is green, and there is some turbid condition,s, mostly form the lake above. The fishing is strong.

The best news of the week is the addition of dry fly angling. Do we have riverwide mega hatches? No. Not yet. Some baetis and some midge have made the fish look upwards and we like that. Posted up casting to sipping trout is what we live for. So look and keep your eyes open for these opportunities, as they are still quite rare. More every day though!

Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report

The chart is good. We like this better in April than we do in June. The reason for the higher than normal water? To keep it away in June for the dry fly bonanza…like PMD’s, Caddis, that sort of thing.

The nymph bite was off yesterday. Strange really. Some had better results than others. Most considered it a tough day. But spirits are always high and we will return to normalcy today. The hiccup in the water to blame? Maybe.

The streamer bite continues to be quite slow. Why? Who knows. Ask Mother Mo. Sink tips like fast and like extra fast are in vogue for the bugger bunch. Flashy, brown, gold, white, yellow seem to be the buzz if you ask at the bar.

The dries? Yes, as above on the rise. Good news. More as the hatch continues to wax. Keep it here folks. The info pipeline of the Missouri.

The weather? Spring-like today and tomorrow. We’ll see you applying your sunscreen liberally. Seen some burnt faces this week. Buff’s can help too.


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