Friday Foto

Friday Foto and Fishing Report

Lee straight outta Seattle Washington with this Bamboo caught Brown Trout.

Nice Lee. Headhunters Guide Nick Stipech put him on this behemoth yesterday.

As Lee was battling this Missouri River Brown Trout he turned to the guest in the back of the boat and said, “Maybe you oughtta reel in, I think this is a big one…”

Do you like big ones?

Friday Foto and Fishing Report

The fishing is just fine. Good reports from the Skwala blind dry fly fisheres as the catch rate varies daily. The small dry fly fans are getting some play as the Midge and BWO’s are willing to emerge this week. Everyday a little bit better. Soon…soon we will be enjoying dry fly action for a couple hours every afternoon. True to the Mo.

Nymphing is good to great with Pink still in the lead. Coming in and coming on strong is the BWO. PT’s, Little Green Machine’s, Lightening Bugs, Frenchie’s, Sparkle PT’s, S & M’s, BWO Bubbleback’s. Ninch has the bins stuffed full of mayfly nymphs and dries.You should take a look.

The streamer fishing is shitty. Pretty shitty. even with deep tips the fish are not all that excited about chomping on the big fly. Are we still trying? Oh yeah. You cannot keep the streamer contingent quiet for long.

The water is 8K+ and stable. It is over a few islands. The structure has not changed but some of our nymph lines have. It is fun to see more water as it makes us break down the subsurface shelf system and analyze the nymph game.

Water temps are 43F. Good bug zone for a daily show. Get out and pray for a non-wind situation and bust out the GINK. Do it.

Shuttles, flies, GINK, Shimishake and spray, fly lines, rental waders, rental boats, free info, tasteless free coffee. All daily @ 8am and open til late for your afternoon dry fly floats.

Thanks, and we’ll be seeing you.

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