Missouri River Friday Fishing Report

Missouri River Friday Fishing Report 11.22.13

Still here, still fishing, still damn good.

Dr. Harvey stopped by again this week from eastern Washington for a winter trout bite. Looks like it was OK. Headhunters Guide Nick Stipech and the gang braved the wind adn did well! A tough bunch indeed.

While the wind, the cold, and the snow slowed many down this week…there were a few guide boats out and a few regional anglers out too.

Tough SOB’s. All of them.

Smiles help warm the soul with fish on the line. Yah, fish on the line cures frostbite.

I think.

Joe’s Bar does too.

Sunny skies for the weekend and we welcome that change. Pleasant weather for the mid-November weekend.

It is becoming less of a dry fly show with more focus on the subsurface game. Whether that be with a streamer or with a nymph.

Nymphs that mean business include midge pupa, and sows, scuds, and still an occasional PT. Short or long, with attention to water temps and time of day should keep the rod bent.

Streamers? Streamer anglers got their preferences. I can’t argue with that kinda reason. Can you? Why would ya?

Slower retrieval and swinging have been the technique most talked about. Even on the hang down, they will climb on.

Dries? Yes, when the wind dips below 20mph, Clusters, Adams, Hanging Midge, Buzzballs.

Flows the same and temps falling this week. In 10 days we should be looking right into the eyes of 40F. Then we are in the winter mode. Winter water will dominate your trout environment thoughts.


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  • I’m already thinking about trips to the Missouri next year. Are March and April months worth a visit? Not much is happening those months over here (Tacoma Wa.) Plus my grandson turns 7 in April and all he wants is an overnight fishing trip with his papa. The boy is a born fisherman and I was thinking maybe a float trip down the Missouri would be a special B-day gift. Doable in April/May? Thanks

    • Yah Chuck rally good fishing both of those months. April is a big month on the Mo with our Spring Special, guide trips for $300. May is most of our staffs’ favorite month. So, your choice Chuck. Check with your grandson and come either month!

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