Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.3.14

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.3.14

A couple hints today on the Headhunters Fly Fishing Report for this early May weekend.

Sow bugs man. Scuds and sows. Mostly the key for the Headhunters guides this week. Some mayfly action, but the prominent flies are of the crustacean variety. Come into the shop and see our vast and significant selection of sows. Scuds too. Czechs and a variety of many more.

Today the McCuneGould Spey Clinic is happening at 9am. Mark has some chicken marinating in a bag for the guests at lunch. First Headhunters  BBQ on the property in Craig? Soon, oh so soon my fishy friends.

A couple spots open for the clinic tomorrow too. Call today and get yourself in to this once yearly Missouri River magical instructional class. You might learn a few things about spey. Quite a few things maybe.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

The weather is cooling and so are the water temps. With the rise in air temps this last week we saw the water temps increase. Then the drop in sun in the sky, the wind, and such and we got 44F again. Baetis like it. Midges like it. The fish like it.

Clean and clear tributaries for your floating and fishing pleasure. The Dearborn, clean. The Prickly Pear, clean. Sheep Creek, clean. Stickney Creek, clean.


The NRS Freestone Drifter is on the property and ready to rent. Come by and see this perfect boat for the Madison, the Missouri, Belt Creek, the Blackfoot, the Dearborn, your river or creek. This is the sports car of inflatable drift boats. 250# of rubbery love. Yep, I said it.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.3.14

Good to great reports yesterday. Rec fishermen came in with varying reports. Not many fish in buckets and they are right. The fish are in-between the buckets. Run and gun with a couple sows, scuds, or Czechs. Worms too.

Midges and tiny attractor type flies like Rainbow Warriors, Gard’s Miracle Midge, Frenchie’s, Firebeads and the like are working as well.

Boats are top to bottom with many days the clogged section being the upper. WC has received a ton of pressure. Go later in  the day if you want solace in that run. Craig down is a good choice. The canyon? Lower yet, you bet.

Dry fly guys are staying out late and getting a few to hand. Midge clusters like the Buzzball, the Griffith’s, big giant Adams, CDC Hanging Midges,  Quig’s Cluster…and many more.

Streamer anglers are getting it done. Slow and fast both. Mostly the slow though. Toss the heavy bug with a  sink tip. Get after it. Streamer fishermen are the oat positive of all of the disciplines. They may be the most fun. No fish to hand? Great day, lots of follows and some killer refusals. All good to that crowd. Good attitudes are infectious and these guys lead that parade.

Headhunters Fly Shop

Open daily @ 730am for all your river needs. Come in today and see us. We have some cool full coverage Buff’s that are awesome. A new line of sun wear from 12wt. Check it. Tons of new logo’d stuff that is sure to impress with the sun protection in mind…and a few collared shirts too. Demo rods galore, rental waders, rental boats including the new NRS Freestone Drifter as well as the always popular Adipose Flow, and fun people too.

Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig. World’s Funnest Fly Shop…


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