NRS Freestone Drifter @ Headhunters Fly Shop

Get your NRS Freestone this Fall @ Headhunters Fly Shop

Come out and try the NRS Freestone today.

You want one? We got ’em.

Our DEMO Boat is for sale and you can take it on home on the M&M trailer or put it on your Snowmobile trailer. Either is a great idea. One in the box can be shipped to you for $5495. Easy peasy and you can inflate it for the weekend!

This boat weighs about 250lbs fully set up. Remarkable. You can rig it and toss it over the fence with your fishing buddy. That makes this boat perfect for those who like to sneak around and fish less pressured waters.

Lots of reviews out there on this maneuverable and lightweight hard sided raft like drifter. Our friend Gilligan on the Truckee River over in CA/NV says:

Rigid like a drift boat, bouncy like a raft. Here’s the take. Like a raft this thing can bounce off rocks, you can portage it, you can draft in very shallow water, you can put in cowboy style anywhere you want (don’t need a boat ramp,) it’s also self bailing like a raft, but you can close the valves and make it non bailing. Unlike a raft, it tracks like a drift boat, and maneuvers around the river with very little effort. It will hold weight (anglers) and anchors like a hard boat. The cool thing is this boat is quiet, no hull slap like a drift boat, fish have no idea you’re there.

We have a new NRS Freestone Drifter in the box ready to drop ship or we can sell you the already inflated and ready to go Headhunters Demo boat.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 5.47.11 PM


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